Baby Eats

14 Mar

N. tried his first food today!

Rather than start babe off with cereal (which consists of empty calories and chemically-added vitamins), I wanted to start him off with real food. My goal was to use a whole food that he can play with and figure out how to feed himself. Since exclusively breastfed babies get pretty much all the nutrients they need from milk until they’re 12 months old (except Iron, I guess), food at this point is just to develop dexterity, taste for different flavors, and to figure out how the whole eating process works.

I sliced up a ripe organic avocado and rolled the slices in crushed up wheat chex. I guess avocados are slippery so it’s nice to put something on to give them “grip.” Starting babies off with finger foods not spoon-fed purees follows the idea of “baby-led” weaning, and I’m glad I did it. Babe did feed himself, but not initially. At first he looked and smooshed. He grabbed the avocado pieces and felt them. I tried to show him by eating a bit myself. I tried putting a piece near his mouth. He’d just get mad then. Finally, after a big ol milk-burp with a bit of spit up (I fed him about an hour before, which is recommended), he finally wanted to eat. Slowly, he grabbed a big piece. Brought it to his mouth. Managed to shove a bit in. . .aaaannddd . . . chew chew chew. He probably ate about a half teaspoon overall, but he tried it and he liked it.

Tomorrow we’ll try again and day-by-day I think he’ll get the hang of it, all on his own!

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