Baby Space

11 Mar

We live in a decent-sized 2 bedroom apartment, and when we realized we had a baby on the way we knew we didn’t have the ability to change much about our living situation. We’ve tried living in the city and in the suburbs and although living away gives us more space and amenities (dishwasher and washer/dryer, I’m talking to you!), the commute makes it less than ideal. Our current space is 15 minutes from my university in a cute neighborhood and for a decent price. And so we decided to make do with the space we have.

We definitely fill our space as it is. My husband works from home, I study from home, so we fill our space with computers, desks and equipment. One bedroom is our office (filled with video equipment for our business and editing space for hubs), one bedroom is our bed and space for baby. Our living room has our TV and living space as well as another desk with another computer where both hubs and I do work. I also work from our kitchen table, depending on what I’m doing. Storage is a key problem, but I’m slowly working on it. We’ve also lived here long enough that I’m getting this place better decorated with things that are meaningful to me.

I wanted to take a few pics of how we’ve integrated baby into our space and focus on his “nursery.” I finally have a few decorations that are cute and so here are a few pics of what I’ve collected.

The Animal ABCs (cross-stitched) picture was on my wall when I was a baby. The dresser is old and beautiful and realllly needs to be refinished. It’s missing some handles, but we make do. We inherited it from my brother who got it from my grandma. Under the changing pad is baby’s stuff: drawer 1 is clothing, drawer 2 are blankets/burp cloths, and drawer 3 are spare diapers and sheets.  My clothing is in the other “column of drawers.”  The small trash can is for dirty diapers. The small size means that plastic grocery bags fit perfectly and we change it daily so it doesn’t smell. The basket holds diapers, used-but-not-yet-dirty clothing, diaper cream, etc. Next to the basket you see wipes and “spray and wash” so I can stain-treat dirty clothing immediately before I toss it in the laundry.

The banner is from my maternity pics – “little boy” in Russian. The mobile was a baby shower gift from one of my professors and it was handmade in Sri Lanka. The little afghan blanket over the crib was crocheted by my mommy. We just got the cute rug today as a hand-me-down from friends who are moving out of the country. The play table was N’s Christmas present from his grandparents. Over to the left you see our bed where babe and I actually sleep at night. I sleep on the boppy (nice on my neck) so the big pillow usually goes to the floor. Babe sleeps with no pillow, just a burp cloth under his head and he sleeps on top of the covers so that he doesn’t get tangled up in them at night (a breathing risk).

Baby’s little treasures: a book of kid’s stories in Russian, his name spelled in alphabet blocks, a little piggy bank and an ultrasound pic.

Enjoying his crib! The crib has been passed around the family since the 1960s – my cousin was in it as a baby, as was I. Most recently her granddaughter used it and now my little boy 🙂 Babe loves his elephant mirror – and is spending more and more time playing on his own on his tummy.


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