Plumbing fun

27 Feb

Last Thursday we had nasty yellow water bubbling up from our tub drain and our toilet didn’t work. We had the apartment maintenance guys over and they flushed out the central line out of our apartment building. We were “homeless” for a few hours and we went to the mall and had a nice time just looking around and walking and talking.

Things looked good over the weekend– I sterilized the tub and floor (bathroom was the cleanest it’s ever been!) and we got back to life. Today I woke up with a headache so I gave babe to dad and took a nap. He woke me up a few hours later to a water emergency! I was groggy and confused but quickly figured out that our hall floor was soggy and water was pooled on our bathroom floor. I made an emergency call to the apartment manager and they got the maintenance crew back over here. We headed back out for a few hours to drive around (babe got a good nap!) and wait it out.

I guess the drain line out of the building had some tree roots in it. When they flushed it Thursday they knew they needed to have it really cleaned out but thought the’d have a few weeks to shop around for estimates & get a good price. BUT apparently the tree root was more serious than they thought. I’m just glad it was pretty clean water backed up into our home rather than nasty yellow stuff.

Tonight we have a big fan and dehumidifier in our apartment and the floors are getting dried out. Tomorrow our carpets will be cleaned. In the meantime we will have some good food, drink a little wine, and relax. It’s a pain to have water problems, but not the end of the world. It turns out my boss is sick so I didn’t miss anything today. Tomorrow is a new day!


2 Responses to “Plumbing fun”

  1. CP February 29, 2012 at 10:54 pm #

    Oh man- ew, that does NOT sound fun! The good thing about living in an apartment is to have an owner or maintenance guy to fix everything though! Hope it gets better soon!

    • GradBaby March 6, 2012 at 9:16 pm #

      That’s a good point – it sucks to have had so much drama, but at least someone came over to fix it all without me footing the bill! And hey, we have a clean carpet now 🙂

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