5 months!

14 Feb

Happy Valentine’s day, my love! You are now 5 months!!

The stats: Baby is in size 3 diapers and 6m or 6-9 month clothing. Our crude measuring system shows your weight is around 18 pounds (dad jumped on the scale, then got off, picked up babe and got back on, approx 18 lbs heavier).

Nicknames: Nikitos, lastochka, muffin, burp-monster, milk-monster, zaychenunya, lapochka, krasavits…

Temperament: More and more emotions every day. You have your cranky moments. You haves things you don’t like. Mostly you’re chill, observant, and HAPPY!

Things I Could Do Without: Screaming – when you don’t like something you let us know. Luckily it’s easy to figure out–too tired and you need to sleep or you don’t want to go in the carseat right now. You have perfected the blood-curdling scream.

Item/Toy We All Love The Most: The little frog that your grandparents gave you that you used to love to watch (it has a pull-string that vibrates when it goes up and balls that spin around).. . now you have the strength and control to pull it yourself. You actually already broke the one you had as a newborn. Luckily you got a 2nd one at Christmas!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Smiles! And talking! And all the interaction with you. One morning you and I were sleeping/napping in the morning, you decided it was time for mom to get up. So I woke up with fingers in my eye – open your eyes! Wake up!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Going out – trips to the store or walks through the neighborhood give you endless wonder (and usually an epic nap). At home it’s the same ol’, same ol’, while going out is new and exciting! Whether it’s a trip to Target or a nature walk, everything is SO exciting. And that excitement ends with a nap, which makes everyone happy. You don’t sleep well at home during a day, but almost every trip out ends with a long nap so we’re really bringing you into our lives.

My, how you have grown!

1 month:

5 months:

This month has been pretty amazing – you’re growing so chubby! Your emotions are growing more distinct! You’re growing hair (blonde & curly)! Your routine is becoming more distinct and yet we have shaped a routine that perfectly fits our lives. You fall asleep easily, wake up only a couple times at night, and you’re usually joyous. It is such an honor to be your ma and pa!!!

hey, horse… come here now!

Ok, guys, I’m done!!

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