Another Mama Update

21 Jan

One month after my boy was born, I wrote an update on my post-partum body. At 4 months, I think the time has come again! Read ahead if you want to hear about weight, hair loss, pain, and birth control. This one shouldn’t have anything too awkward, unless you don’t want to know the gory details of my life đŸ˜‰

Weight: I’ve probably lost 25 pounds from my pregnancy weight. I had lost 10-15 at birth, so I’ve lost about 10 pounds since then. It sounds much better writing it out than it feels day-to-day! The scale fluctuates daily, but the numbers are slow to climb down. I can’t diet because whenever I cut back on anything too drastically (like sugar! I love it! but it’s bad!), i get hungry. So instead I’m just focusing on eating better. Whole grains, lots of veggies. Cooking more, not so many microwave meals. So slowly that number is creeping down.

I’m still up a pant size–there’s no way I’d fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans, but my post-maternity jeans are too big. So I may need to buy another pair of cheap jeans to get me thru the next couple months. I have a pooch that is quite strange–it is kind of a saggy belly–but I hope it will fade further as the weight drops. Or, I’ll have a future of mom jeans. Ha!

Hair loss: Somewhere around 3 months post-partum, hair loss is typical as all those pregnancy hormones are finally leaving your body. I’ve been shedding for a month now, and it doesn’t seem to end. Yet my hair doesn’t seem too much thinner. I did get several inches cut off in December because my hair was getting scraggly, but that could be because I was due for my semi-annual haircut. It’s a pain, though, to clog all the drains with hair. To fill your vacuum with hair. To find your hair in your cooking even when it’s pulled back (yech). No fun, but hopefully it will end soon!

When I was younger and hated my curly hair, my mom was convinced that it would go straight with pregnancy. It hasn’t, but I do think the curl has relaxed a bit. The top is definitely more wavy than the bottom, but it’ll take more time to see if that’s a new truth or just a temporary thing.

Pain: wrist pain is back, with a vengeance. Now that babe is almost 15 pounds, my poor thumb/wrist just can’t support him. I need the brace just to lift him with that hand. I was reminded of just how important it is when I misplaced it for a couple days (I have to take it off to type, wash dishes, etc). Ow! I was so glad to find it! I just have to bear with the pain until babe grows, as the only easy way to heal De Quervain syndrome is to brace it and rest it, this pain will persist until it gets bad enough to look into steroids or worse.

Similarly on the pain front, babe is getting heavier and carrying him is a bit more difficult. Although I resisted the idea of the car carrier, it is really useful for appointments when the moby wrap isn’t appropraite. Tuesday we went to campus for a meeting with my supervisor and then babe’s 4-month checkup. It was simple: dad dropped us off, we crossed the street, walked into my building, took the elevator, and walked down a short hallway. Babe sat thru the meeting and then we went back out, walked to the next building over, inside and into the doctor’s clinic. (Super convenent, I know, that the health center where our family doctor is located is right next to my office and my boss’s!). Anyways, not far! That night, though my arm hurt! I tend to carry him with the car carrier draped over my elbow (like a purse or shawl) so that it is high enough it’s not banging my knees. Well, the inside of my elbow ached with a dull pain. The only thing I can think is that I hurt it carrying babe. SO we got a stroller. Which is awesome. I actually had to take ibuprofin for 2 days to deal with the ache and it seems to be gone. So beware of a heavy baby!

Birth Control: Even before babe was born, my midwife was asking about birth control. I decided to go with an IUD as they’re easy (so no remembering to take a pill), long-lasting (so I don’t have to worry about refills), and the one I chose, Paragard, has no hormones (so no weirdness). I made the final decision at my 6 week appointment and it was placed at approx 2-months post-partum. I guess that’s a really good time to place them. And, so far so good! I’ve had spotting, which is normal (and nothing compared to post-partum bleeding). It lasted for a few days and then I have occasional red-tinged discharge but nothing notable. I don’t think my period is back, as I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. Apparently Paragard can make it worse than normal, so I’m guessing I’ll know when it’s back. I’ve always been really regular and my periods don’t tend to be too bad (barely noticable cramps, not too heavy, lasting 5 days: very average).

Bonus topic: Eyesight.
As I mentioned before, my vision went bad over the last couple years. Some change may be attributed to hormones (i.e. pregnancy and breastfeeding), but not a full “point.” I’ve always had bad eyes, but they got really bad over the last couple years. Apparently around this age they should be stabilizing, but I haven’t seen it yet. My new glasses have been amazing but because of the snow I haven’t been able to go get my new contacts. Hopefully they’ll bring me back to 20/20 vision! I do hope that after we end breastfeeding that my prescription doesn’t change agian, but I figured that since I plan to feed over a year, that I’ll get at least 1 year out of any glasses/contacts I do buy.

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