4 months!

20 Jan

Eeek! My little bunny is 4 months old!!

The stats: weight, 14 lbs, 12 oz; height, 25 inches (he measured 25.5 at 2 months – I’m guessing it was a measuring difference, not a shrinking baby πŸ˜‰ ). Baby is in size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothing. I can still put him in 3-month T-shirts, but pjs and pants need to be 6 month sizes.

Nicknames: muffin, Milk Monster, zayets/bunny, Nikitunya, Boo-Meh Ne-neh Brr (First middle last in his language πŸ˜‰ )

Temperament: Excited, observant, curious about the world. His moods are becoming clearer and clearer. When he’s happy he talks and squeaks. When he’s tired he fusses and shrieks.

Things I Could Do Without: Burp fountains – he’s started to projectile spit-up. Like, he’ll get virtually nothing on clothing but cover whatever is 3″ away. Like me.

Item/Toy We All Love The Most: Hmm, this is tough. Your vision is improving, so things that are black and white really catch your eye like our alphabet picture on the wall. You really like looking at yourself in your elephant crib mirror, and fall asleep to your reflection every night. Your bouncer is a daily place to chill and you still love your whale tub. Grandma and Grandpa got you some really cool toys for Christmas and when you lay on your back in the pack and play you like to kick some of them. You also really like the little duck that you got at Christmas, too.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Your chatter–you really like to talk! You have several consonants down: ma, na, ba, he. . .and you have the funniest set of squeaks and squeals, my baby bird. So cute!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Your fingers and toes. You almost always have a finger or two in your mouth (or my mouth), and you love holding your toes and legs, too. You also really love your mama–when things are sad or overwhelming or you’re tired, mom is your favorite. Dad has actually taken over the whole bedtime routine because papa=serious, mama=fun/cuddles.

My little boy, your fourth month was so busy! You celebrated holiday after holiday with your loving family. You met your uncle Mike for the first time and got quality time with grandma and grandpa. You rolled over. You felt teething pain (which has thankfully receded). You have become more involved with your environment–for example, you’ve really begun to notice your little stuffed horse (seen below). You’re beginning to follow a routine, but not so much that you get mad when we break it. You prefer your mama and papa, but not so much that you avoid strangers. We all love cuddles (and taking naps, safely, as a family). Every single day you are changing and it is so much fun watching your personality come out! You’re still such a happy, observant, joyful boy.

Your baby hair has almost all fallen out. It was a chestnut brown color and your new hair is blonde. This makes you appear as a very old man with a ring of dark hair along your back hairline from ear to ear. In another month it’ll be gone and you’ll appear bald–but your blonde hair is getting longer and longer, almost invisible to the eye. Your eyes are still a dark slate blue, but they just might be getting brighter blue with the months. I love your big blue eyes looking up at me!

When you eat, you like to pet me–reach out and grab my face, stroke my chest, hold my hand. If we forget to trim your nails, my chest gets all scratched up. You don’t really like to have your nails trimmed, but your dad does it carefully with love. Dad also does a wonderful job putting you to bed. He changes your diaper, swaddles you up in blankets, calms you, and tells you to “sleep.” You glance at him from your crib, then turn to look at your reflection in your elephant mirror, and drift off to sleep. You sleep peacefully until mama comes in to feed you and get your cuddles.

In the week since you’ve turned 4 months, we have already had so many adventures. Every night I can’t wait for tomorrow and more time to hang out with you and know you better. We love you so much little man!! XO

hi, horse!


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  1. Norah Fahim February 12, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    lovely post πŸ™‚

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