Milestones: Rolling Over

30 Dec

Baby rolled over for the first time December 23rd and has repeated it a few times since. He does best when on a firm surface – his new crib, the futon, the floor. He can go tummy to back, but not vice versa. Overall, he has become way more active–kicking toys with his feet, throwing his pacifier, etc. Watch out! This boy is on the move!!

Next up – Baby’s first tooth! He had teething symptoms over Christmas (drooling, tugging on one ear, hands in mouth, fussiness/shrieking). He woke up hourly last night to eat and today he had some blood in his drool. Sure enough, today there’s a little bump on his gum–he should have a tooth sooner rather than later.

I gave my poor boy some ice in a sock to chew on and that helped a bit. Right now he’s finally sleeping for over an hour and getting some peace.


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