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16 Dec

I found that when I was preparing for baby / registering, people’s lists of really useful (and not so useful) products really helped me. I took a totally minimialist approach to baby-stuff. We have a full 2-bedroom apartment and planned to have baby in our room, so I wanted to stick to the minimum amount of things we needed. There are very few baby items we don’t use, so I figured I’d post those things that we use regularly and love.

1. Graco Pack ‘N Play, a.k.a. the crib.

We live in a 2-bedroom apartment and since our business is based out of our home, we have a lot of stuff. The 2nd bedroom is our office/pigsty, so we knew baby would go in our room.  My whole philosophy while preparing for baby is “less is more” so I only bought the things I knew we’d need (and gradually bought Target gift cards so it would be easy to get the things we later figured out we needed). Thus, the pack n play.  We went with a simple model because reviews of the infant bed/changing table were not stellar. This was just fine. Baby spent the first months in his bouncer anyway. We’re only now transitioning to sleeping regularly in his “crib.”  Even when we do get a real crib (more on that later), we can still use the play yard.

2.Fisher-Price Bouncer

OMG – this was a last minute lifesaver.  Within a few days of babe’s birth we knew he loved being rocked. My wrist pain meant that he couldn’t always be rocked in our arms (he doesn’t always love being held anyway). So I sent my parents out for a bouncer and we LOVE it!

Such a little, orange, baby, saved by the bouncer 🙂

We don’t use the activity bar much, just the seat. This simple model vibrates and is easy to rock with an arm or a foot (necessary when babe wakes up fussing in the middle of the night and your eyes just won’t open).  Beware of using it all the time, as baby can get a flat head.

3. Fisher-Price Whale Tub

Babe loves bath! This tub is small, easy to fill, and babe can sit by himself in it.  The first few baths he had no head control so my hand was always on him. Now he lays back, plays, splashed and has a ton of fun with me observing (after the initial soap-up). Once he gets bigger, the little infant insert can be removed so a toddler can sit in it.  It’s great to put this mini-tub in the big tub because the water doesn’t get everywhere.

This tub was also our secret weapon–we put babe in it on a towel and he hangs out naked in the tub with the heat lamp/fan on for “naked time.” Naked time is great to air out his bottom AND the fan calms him down. He loves to sit in there and talk and observe the walls (the vanity lights are very cool. Plus I have a colorful butterfly kite on the wall that is endlessly interesting). Naked time is also a sanity break for us sometimes.

4. Moby Wrap

When we go out with babe, the moby is awesome! I’m glad we got to play with it in our birth class because there is a learning curve to putting it on, but now that we’ve figured out how to wrap/tie it, it’s awesome!

I usually put the wrap on at home (the black color helps it blend in and not look so strange if you run into the store or something with it on and no babe) and then we drive to a park or the mall or whatever to walk.  Pop babe in and we’re on our way. There are many different positions you can use. Facing-in, legs-in, legs-out, Forward-facing, etc.  Too bad it is rainy winter and we can’t go for more walks!

5. aden + anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets

First of all, if your hospital doesn’t expressly give you several swaddle blankets, steal them. The boring white (with a green & pink stripe) hospital swaddle blankets are the best. Perfectly sized and stay well.  The secret to swaddling which I didn’t realize before is to use AT LEAST 2 blankets. The first layer holds baby, the second holds the swaddle.

We built a system where we’d use 2 hospital blankets and then one pretty aden + anais blanket on top. They’re huge and have fun designs. Added bonus, the loose muslin weave seems to be stainproof (vital when baby burps and poops on everything!) and you can pull them tight to swaddle. Now that baby’s bigger, he doesn’t fit in hospital blankets so having several of the big swaddles is necessary. He can now wiggle out of these guys, so we’re transitioning to sleeping in pj’s.  We never liked the swaddle outfits–we used them for naps, but our wiggle-monster could always get his arms free.

6. Target diapers

Cheap. Awesome. ‘Nuff said.

8. Boppy Nursing Pillow

I use the boppy all the time for feeding–it helps close the distance between your boob and your lap. It’s also useful for chillin with babe during the day, out of his bouncer.

First night home

In the early days, sometimes we’d use it for tummy time. Added bonus: it’s actually a really comfortable pillow for me to sleep on–it curves around the neck so nicely!

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