3 months!

16 Dec

The stats: Baby is in size 2 diapers and 3months in clothing. He’s so long that he’s beginning to fit in size 6mo.  He’s getting heavier and heavier, too.

Nicknames: Angel-baby, Milk monster, muffin, Nikitos

Temperament: my son really is an angel! He only cries (fusses) when he wants something, like milk or a diaper change or to get off tummy time.  Everyone I meet comments on how observant he is. He loves to smile and giggle. He really is our joy!!

Things I Could Do Without: Umm, juicy poo? It makes me sad when it leaks onto cute clothing. My boy has a flat spot in the back of his head that I just wish would go away. But these are little things–baby, you bring so much joy to my life!!

Item/Toy We All Love The Most: You’re moving away from your bouncer and spending more time in your pack & play (which is your crib). You’re also doing more tummy time, which is good for that flat head.  But your favorite time ever is bath time, so I’d have to say that we all love your little whale tub sooo much!

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Your smiles! Your joy! You are my angel ❤

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now:  So this is totally random: we like to watch documentaries on netflix and we put this one called beyond the splendor on our queue. It’s about these missionaries who where killed by an Amazon tribe and then their families befriended the people and brought them into their lives. The film is interviews with the families and tribesmen (who speak Quechua). It’s kind of boring, but still interesting. Babe likes background noise and one day hubs turned it on and immediately babe was fixated–just watching and listening.  He fell asleep happily. Then another day, same thing.  It’s become our solution for the 5pm fussies–turn on this doc. and babe is a happy boy. He’s totally going to grow up as a linguist or world traveler. He’s growing up hearing Russian and English (and some Ukrainian) every day. Now this film with Quechua, too!.

Oh, my little muffin! You are such a wonderful baby!! After all the problems of the first couple  months, month 2-3 has been pure joy. You are sleeping longer (usually 5 hours straight, then 3-ish, then 2). We feel more rested and our life has almost returned to “normal”– just more fun with you around! Your laughter and smiles make any day better. You are rarely cranky–just a little fussy around 5pm. You usually go to sleep on your own, either on the futon next to us, in your pack and play, or in your little chair. You still sleep near mama at night because she likes you within reach. You’re just so cute! That, and it’s easier when you wake up hungry 🙂

Your motor skills are improving–your little hands grasp things now so we’ll often find you trying to put your pacifier back in your mouth. Your eyes track us as we move around the room. You sometimes wake up laughing and smiling. When mama comes home from school, you often wake up when you hear her voice and want to eat.  Baths are still your favorite thing EVER. Last night you were fussy and shrieking (3 month growth spurt, I think) and after trying everything I could think of, we put you in the bath. It was so cute to watch as the frown melted off your face into a smile. You love to “jump” in your tub and splash. Water is so much fun!

You are holding your head up high when we put you on your tummy.  We try to do at least 30 minutes of tummy time every day. You scoot around, often rotating 45 degrees. . but you’re not ready to roll over.  That’s fine with me–I’m not ready for a moving baby!

We are so excited for you to spend time with your grandparents and your uncle (so wierd to think of my baby brother as an uncle!) when they visit over Christmas. You are such an amazing little boy and we love you so much!


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