A good day!

1 Dec

Today was a normal, yet good, day. I want to remember living with a small baby, so here’s a quick day-in-the-life type post. I’m so thankful that both hubs and I have this time at home. Sure, we both have to work, but we can still dedicate our time to our gorgeous son!

1:30 am – dreamfeed baby (that is, feed him without actually waking him up. He’ll usually eat well in a half-awake state) so that he’ll sleep longer (in his ‘crib’ – a.k.a a pack and play next to the futon where I sleep). Turn on movie, hubs and I watch laying on the futon. Drift off to sleep

5:50 am – wake up to a fussing baby- feed him for 20 min. He goes back to sleep in his bouncer next to me on the futon. Hubs is fast asleep in the bedroom.

11:00 am – wake up to a laughing, talking baby. Entertaining himself entirely.  Eyes are glued shut, so I coo back at him while I wake myself up. Then feed for 10 min, and nap more.  We lounge in bed, eating for about 10 minutes every hour or so until about 1pm.  During this time I nap, talk to hubs while he reads the news, drinks coffee, and burns DVDs for a completed film.

1:30 – ish, I’m up for the day and in a wonderful mood. Nothing like lounging with a happy baby!!  Get up. change babe’s diaper, dress him.  Check email (school email, biz email, Facebook, etc).

All afternoon – clean! I want to put up our Christmas tree this weekend, so I cleared out some boxes that have been in our living room for months.  Vacuum. Sort out old bills, recycling, etc.  Sort laundry, pull sheets off futon. Put $1.25 in the apartment building’s coin-operated washer.

3:30 – tomato soup and a fried egg with a chunk of french bread for lunch (make the same for hubs).

4:30 – put in a load of laundry and get dressed. Go to the bank, get gas, go to the discount grocery store.

6:30 – get home, feed baby, boil up some varenekiy (pierogies) for dinner.  Watch a silly TV show with this awesome British guy travelling around America in a London taxi. Totally entertaining!  Move laundry to dryer and put in another load.

8pm – Bath time!! Every bath is a total party–today babe was trying to swim and laughing and splashing. It’s really important to watch him carefully because he jumps around so much that he could easily slide underwater.  But a bath is the joy of both our day!!  After 15-20 min, wrap him up in his shark towel and up on a diaper & dress him.

8:30-8:50- Fuss, fuss, fuss. Baby must be tired!

9-ish – Dad swaddles baby in his blankets–always 3 blankets. Usually 1 or 2 from the hospital and on the outside are bigger, fancy, muslin blankets.  Needs 3 so he doesn’t break out!  Then put babe in the pack & play and he stares at himself in his baby mirror for 10-15 min.  I moved the mirror to the side today so that he turns towards it–he’s getting a flat head in the back!  After 20 min, babe is fast asleep!

9:30 pm – Put the 2nd load of laundry in the dryer and bring back the first load to fold.  Put sheets on the futon, cover the duvet and pillows, put clothing away.  Grab a few minutes to check email & write a few responses.

10:30 – start this blog post.  Gotta run to take laundry out of the dryer, fold clothes, finish the last DVD, print labels for the cases so we can send them out tomorrow.  Clear laundry off the bed, move boxes to the bedroom, clean up after dinner! Still a lot to do tonight.  We’ll probably be up ’till 1:30 again and then we’ll do a dreamfeed and hope for a long sleep tonight 🙂


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