A Very Friendly Thanksgiving

28 Nov

This past week my best friend came to stay for Thanksgiving and it was WONDERFUL! I hadn’t seen her for over a year but she is one of those friends where you can just pick up where you left off.  It was great to sit back, drink wine, eat good food, and laugh. One evening we ended up breaking out old high school yearbooks and laughing at what people wrote. I was in tears!  It was so awesome!

It was also awesome to have another set of hands–she helped with the baby, she washed dishes every.single.day. I’d get up to do it and inevitably something would come up–feeding time, crying time, etc.  I cooked several evenings and together we made the Thanksgiving feast.

There’s nothing as renewing for the soul as good times with a good friend!

On Thanksgiving we broke out the hubs’ dad’s old Soviet film camera.  He brought it back the last time he visited the motherland and we never bothered to check it out.  We picked up a couple rolls of Kodak film and tried it out. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!!!

The camera:

The pics:

mmmm, bacon turkey

old friends


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