2 months!

18 Nov

The stats: weight: 11 lbs 7 oz, 41st percentile; height 25.5 inches, 92nd percentile.  Baby is in size 1 diapers and 0-3 month clothing. He’s ready for size 2 in diapers (i.e. poo sometimes leaks out) and he’s getting too long for size 0-3 pajamas and pants.

Nicknames: muffin, zayets/bunny, Nikitos, lyubov

Temperament: So observant and relaxed. He loves to smile and coo. He loves looking around, especially at new places. He’s generally a calm and happy baby! There is the occasional bout of fussiness–especially if he’s left alone. Mama needs to be nearby!

Things I Could Do Without: We’re trying to get him to sleep longer at night. Right now he’ll go for 4 hours but not much longer–I’d love to see a 6-hour stretch of sleep!  Some nights he fusses and I only get hour-long segments of sleep. This makes for a very cranky mama.

Item/Toy We All Love The Most: The baby bathtub.  Whether it’s for a fun! warm bath or for chillin in the tub on a towel for ‘naked time,’ you are almost always content in your baby tub.

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: longer stretches of sleep, non-painful eating, smiles & cute baby coos.

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now:  milk! After dealing with all our feeding-related issues, dinnertime has become fun time!

In this past month you have become a cute roly-poly baby boy 🙂  You have pretty good neck control already and you’ve become so observant.  When we go to the grocery store you have so much fun looking around! I’ve also been bringing you to my meetings with my RA-ship advisor and with my PhD exam committee.  Everyone loves you and you are SO GOOD – you just sit and listen and look around until mama’s voice lulls you to sleep.

Today you had your 2-month check-up.  You are long and lanky and the doctor and nurse commented on how skinny you are.  I don’t know about skinny–your thighs look pretty juicy to me.  You got a shot in each leg–Hepatitis B (2nd), and DTaP, Hib, and Polio combined.  You also got a rotavirus vaccine orally.  Mama fed you while you got them but you were still so mad and offended by the shots.  After the doctor’s visit, we went to a meeting and after looking around for a bit, you fell asleep.  Good boy!

This last month has gone from frustrating to delightful. Sure, we could all use more sleep, but we’re falling into a routine. Around midnight we all head towards bed.  You wake up for a couple feedings during the night and by 8am-ish we’re up for the day.  I’m finding that I’m more focused on my work now that you are in my life because I have a finite amount of time to get things done.  You’re awake for longer and longer periods each day and we’re finding new ways to entertain you.

You love music, chilling on the futon with mom, naked time in the bathroom in your baby tub (on a towel), and being in the moby wrap carrier.  You entertain yourself pretty well–you make awesome dinosaur movements with your arms. You like to poke your eyes and pinch your chest–painful I’m sure, but it’s your way of figuring out what’s on your body and now to move your limbs.  You are so funny with your jerky movements and crazy eyes!  But it’s those wide-mouthed smiles with little baby coos that MELT.MY.HEART! We are so in love with you 🙂

You’re already such a big boy and you’re only 2 months old!


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