Murphy’s Law

9 Nov

. . .Everything that can go wrong, will.

So after the excitement and hope that going in to the Pediatric surgeon for a frenectomy would help solve our feeding problems, I fed baby from both breasts.  The first, left, was in the office so the doctor could watch.  Once she was satisfied, we packed up and headed out to a nursing room in the clinic’s lobby.  We got settled in, I removed the softshells, and noticed some really gross milk inside the right one.  Since I had put them on less than an hour before, I knew that that milk was coming from me.

When I got home, I took my temperature.  It was high.  I fed baby, called my mom, and tried to figure out what was going on.  During the feeding I got the clear desire to vomit.  I quickly handed baby to hubs, and laid in the cold tub for a few minutes before I felt better.

I called the lactation consultant to confirm what was going on plus to find out if baby was at risk feeding off an infected breast with an open mouth wound.  She said that it shouldn’t be a problem to feed, but I should definitely call my midwife to get antibiotics.  I did, and it ended up being an ordeal in itself–I got the drugs by phone but ended up spending an hour at the pharmacy.  I felt like crap so I’ve been taking it easy since.  Napping day and night, water, juice, soup, vitamins. . . I’m treating it like I have the flu.  My temperature is down, but I now have a clear red mark and a lump on one side of that breast.  A day and a half later, that part doesn’t seem to be getting better.  So I’ll keep feeding baby, keep an eye on it, and keep taking it easy.

It just kills me that we just ‘got to the bottom of it – finally got baby’s tongue-tie clipped and I now have an infection in my breast.  It’s really common, but also serious.  My husband worries because his sister had it too and it led to an abscess and she had to have an operation.  I know we won’t let this infection get that far, but dude! Just when I thought we were done.

Clearly, when it comes to my boobies, Murphy’s Law has kicked in: everything that can go wrong, will.


One Response to “Murphy’s Law”

  1. Robin November 9, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

    I’m so sorry to hear about your breastfeeding woes!!! It sucks that, just when you think you get it all figured out–BAM! You’ve got another surprise waiting for you. If you need anything, give me a shout.

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