It’s so simple…

7 Nov

It’s so simple: eat-play-sleep. The result? This:

do we have a future piano player here?

By allowing him to decide when to eat & sleep, he’s happier. When he falls asleep on his own, we’re happier.  Allowing a baby to fall asleep on his own is an important skill, and I’m so glad he’s mastered it for the time being. The last two days have been downright peaceful 🙂

Today we’re heading to the doc to look into tongue-tie.  After several in-person and phone consultations with the lactation consultants at our hospital, they’re thinking he’s just a little tongue-tied, but tied enough to affect feeding. This pediatrician is an expert in tongue-tie, so I trust whatever she chooses–even if it’s a frenectomy.  I’ve been pumping all weekend (with my awesome Pump-in-style) and feeding the boy about 1x /day. . I’m excited to finally be able to feed without pain!!

Many updates coming: I’m getting PhD work done, I have many thoughts on pumping and on vitamins. I’ll be back soon!


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