Birth Plan

25 Oct

So I’m trying to finally finish writing my birth story – now that baby is almost 6 weeks old, I should probably get it down before I forget completely.  In order to understand my birth story, it might be useful to see my birth plan–i.e. the hopes, expectations, goals, etc I had for my labor and my son’s birth.  

Due date: September 1, 2011

Support people: my husband, my doula, my mom

About us: We have been married for 5 years and we’re excited to welcome our first child to our family! Mom is a PhD student at UW and dad is a filmmaker.  Mom is originally from <<the US>> and Sasha is from <<a Russian speaking country>>—that’s why you may hear us speaking Russian to each other.

 Preferences for a normal labor and birth:

  • We prefer a natural birth to avoid side effects for mom and baby. Please don’t suggest medications to me. I am only interested in pain medications and other interventions for medical reasons.
  • I hope to rely on the support of my husband, doula, and midwives for pain alternatives such as changing position, location, massage, bath, etc.

1st stage

  • I desire freedom of moment
  • I prefer intermittent monitoring of baby
  • I plan to use the shower/bath, movement, and other comfort measures to manage pain.

2nd stage

  • I would like to push spontaneously with my body as a guide.
  • Please take steps to avoid tearing while pushing—warm compress, controlled pushing, support of perineum.
  • We would like immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding between mom and baby.
  • Please allow the baby’s cord to stop pulsating before cutting.  Offer dad the chance to cut the cord if he wishes.

3rd stage and later

  • Delay all routine procedures until 1 hour after birth or after baby’s first feeding.
  • Decline hepatitis B – we will begin vaccinations when we meet with baby’s doctor.
  • We plan to exclusively breastfeed, so please do not supplement the baby with formula.

In the case of unexpected labor events:

  • If pain is too intense, I’d appreciate input from staff on relaxation, pushing positions, and other ideas to avoid medical intervention.
  • In the case of intervention (labor augmentation with medication, vacuum/forceps, cesarean delivery, etc.), please explain everything to us so that we feel calm and involved.
  • In the case of cesarean delivery:
    • I would prefer to have both dad and my doula present to support both mother and baby in the delivery.
    • We would prefer the screen be lowered at the time of birth.
    • We would prefer dad to have immediate contact with baby and brought to me.  We would love skin-to-skin contact if possible.
  • If baby must go to the nursery, dad goes with him while my doula stays with me.

We are excited for the birth of our first child! Thank you for being a part of this amazing experience with us!!


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