A New Normal

3 Oct

Now that our babe is over 2 weeks old, we’re getting into a vague routine as we learn how to live with a baby.  We’re learning a lot about our boy, and we’re learning a lot about how to be parents.  Dad is an expert diaper-changer/swaddler. Mom is full of milk which baby loves.

I’m back at work (I’m a research assistant this year – not teacher–yay! but the quarter has begun and thus have the responsibilities). I’m trying to keep a tidy home (well, not disgusting–there is still stuff everywhere). Laundry and cooking must be done and we can’t live on processed food & take-out.  Yesterday I made a yummy turkey spaghetti sauce that we ate over spaghetti squash. Both the hubs and I went for seconds, which is rare.  Tonight it is homemade sweet potato fries with black bean burgers that my parents left when the headed home. . .2 states away.  The honeymoon is over–tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and two meetings. Every day is full of something.

And so we are finding a new normal – it is hard to both take care of a baby and ourselves, but we’re managing. It is hard to keep emotions in check when you’re tired, but we’re doing well. It is hard to have a marriage and be parents, but we’re finding balance.  And as our little boy grows every day will change, but it is wonderful to have him in our lives 🙂


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