I wish. . .

19 Sep

I could hang out with my baby more, but I have to prioritize getting him on the UV lights.

My kitty was home with me right now. He disappeared while were at the hospital and I posted ‘missing cat’ posters this afternoon. One of our neighbors said that another neighbor in the nearby apartments took him because they didn’t know the owner. I’m glad he’s (hopefully) safe, but I wish he were home right now!

I wish all this juggling were easier…as my husband, parents, and I adjust to our new roles as daddy, grandparents, and mommy, there’s bound to be tension. Today was a good day, but at times it’s hard to guess what our little boy wants & to always fulfill his needs (when we’re so tired).

But I am happy as things are 🙂 this is an amazing time and I’m trying to savor it 🙂


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