Bumpdate: 41 weeks

11 Sep

Bumpdate: 41 weeks, 2 days. Yes, that’s 10 days overdue!

Due Date:: sometime last week….

Weight Gain: Up probably 40 lbs. More than I wanted, but not bad considering how overdue I am!

Symptoms: very few… No contractions, only a very heavy tummy. I don’t always sleep well–wake up with hip/back pain. Thursday I went in for a NST and baby is very healthy! But my amniotic fluid was low so they talked induction. Thankfully the hospital was busy and we went in Friday for another NST/fluid check and everything looked great so I’m free ’till Monday.

I am looking forward to: Finally meeting this little boy! He pretty much has to come out this week, so it is exciting that the end really is near!

I’m freaking out about: well, I’m totally bored and consumed with this feeling that he’s never coming. But the flip side of that is labor–I worry about induction and complications, as well as going too late and complications. I want to go into labor naturally, but I’m just not sure that that is happening….why? For now I can say that baby’s not ready, but when we get to 42 weeks the risks start to climb.

Best moment this week: Friday’s NST and fluid check. After Thursdays scare, it was great to be back in control. We brought those fluid levels up. He was super active during the NST, so it was fun to watch him move &his heart rate fluctuate. He’s very healthy and I’m thankful!!

Milestones: we’ve passed them all! Now we’re just waiting for his grand entrance. They’re guessing he’s 8-8.5 pounds.

Movement: he’s been really active, especially at night.

Goals for the upcoming week: birth this baby!! We’re on the home stretch!!

Belly Shot:


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