Waiting, waiting…

4 Sep

Today is my alternate due date and still no sign of impending baby. It is a long weekend (Labor day) and everyone is out having fun. I’ve been afraid to make plans because we have no idea when the babe will get here.. But I am so bored just waiting. I try to plan one project or one big outing each day and it keeps me from going crazy. I know I need to enjoy this time without chaos, but I also know that fall quarter begins Sept 28th and it would be nice to have more time with baby before we come back to reality. I also worry about going late and needing interventions. I have another appointment and non-stress test on the 8th and I really don’t want to have to be there. Sowing I’ll increase the number of walks each day and keep eating spicy food πŸ™‚

The babe has been super active lately, which i hope is a sign of his desire to come on out. My body and his just need to be in sync to get this labor thing started. Here’s hopin’ for a Labor Day baby πŸ™‚

Also, here are a few pics from my maternity shoot (taken at 38 weeks)






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