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27 Sep

So many updates, yet it is so difficult to sit & write. We’ve had feeding issues (all worked out, I think). I want to write my birth story. My position this upcoming school year has changed from teaching assistant to research assistant. Hubs is figuring out how to be a daddy, and all the bumps that go with that (he’s doing an awesome job by the way). Babe is growing and thriving. He is long and lanky and oh-so-cute!!

So hopefully I can take a minute at my computer (not just my phone) and write a bit. Until then, here’s my baby:





Baby’s first week!

22 Sep

Clean baby, tired mama

The stats: Weight: 7 lbs 9 oz, 52nd percentile; length: 21 inches, 90th percentile; head, 13 1/2 inches, 80th percentile. My baby is long and lean!

Nicknames: Squeaker, muffin, bug, zayets/bunny, Nikitusha

Temperament: Observant, fussy, but rarely mad.

Things I Could Do Without: This new fun game you play where you are hungry but won’t latch.  We can spend up to 15 minutes in this viscious cycle: open mouth, bring head to breast, give a few sucks, push head back, make a mad face, start again.  It’s awesome–especially for my nipples which you have already sucked raw from your “healthy eating” and “strong latch.”

Item/Toy We Love The Most: The Bouncer!! This thing has been a lifesaver: anytime we want to hang out with you, you’re fussy but not sleepy, or we just need our hands free it saves us! Love-that-thing!

Item/Toy You Love The Most: Aside from the bouncer, the days you spent doing light therapy for your jaundice were saved by a pacifier.  Your ‘sleep sheep,’ a sound machine, has also calmed you quickly.  You loved the sound of whales (which I think sound like aliens).

Things I’m Loving Most Right Now: Getting to know you! This has been a wild week – I gave birth to you au naturale one week ago. You had the funniest cone-head from the long birth and you were so alert! Everyone commented on what a calm baby you are. We are so blessed! Then you got jaundice and the torture began – so many pricks to the heel to get blood & test your bilirubin levels.  Over the weekend you were stuck with light phototherapy. I’m so glad they have the techonlogy to send lights home with you–I would have hated to be back in the hospital!! A nurse visited every day to weigh you and take more blood. It was neat to see you grow every day–you really do eat like a champ! Now that the jaundice is fading, it has been so wonderful to spend time with you. Last night we gave you a sponge bath and you LOVED it!  Your belly-button stump is infected and a bit fell off yesterday, but until we know that it’s ok, no water baths. I think you’ll love those too: your mama spent so much time already in the tub with you before you were born, I can see you as a waterbaby, too!

Things You’re Loving Most Right Now: Your hands! They are always up near your head–in your mouth (especially when you’re trying to feed), in front of your face (hands are fascinating!), or swaddled up near your cheek.  In every ultrasound pic, your hands were up near your face, and they remain that way now.

My little bunny, it has been so fun getting to know you this week. It is fun, frustrating, amazing, and precious so have a newborn at home.  You have changed our lives so much in the past 10 months–for the better–and it is so fun to see what our family has produced. Your dad sees a lot of me in you, but when he holds you you look just like him.  We love you so much and we can’t wait to see you grow into a baby, then a little boy, then a little man.

Little bug

21 Sep

He’s as snug as a bug in a rug 🙂


Things here are going . . . well/slowly/quickly/poorly. Babe is off the bili lights and I got a lot of sleep last night. But we had a long day with a meeting (for me, maybe a new position), then babe’s doctor’s appt, then I did a solo target run. It quickly became an emotional day with sore nipples, baby not latching. Also, his umbilical stump is infected. Joy! but it fell off last night and hopefully that’s healing too.

Babe just fell asleep so I’m back to bed too!

I wish. . .

19 Sep

I could hang out with my baby more, but I have to prioritize getting him on the UV lights.

My kitty was home with me right now. He disappeared while were at the hospital and I posted ‘missing cat’ posters this afternoon. One of our neighbors said that another neighbor in the nearby apartments took him because they didn’t know the owner. I’m glad he’s (hopefully) safe, but I wish he were home right now!

I wish all this juggling were easier…as my husband, parents, and I adjust to our new roles as daddy, grandparents, and mommy, there’s bound to be tension. Today was a good day, but at times it’s hard to guess what our little boy wants & to always fulfill his needs (when we’re so tired).

But I am happy as things are 🙂 this is an amazing time and I’m trying to savor it 🙂


18 Sep

So my little babe is a little orange punkin–the poor thing is quite jaundiced. It seems that we avoided one blood incompatibility (we’re both Rh -) for another (I’m type O while babe is type A). Babies whose mothers have type O blood tend to have more problems with jaundice. Our little guy has been monitored from birth and was borderline for treatment, but today the bilirubin was enough to warrant phototherapy. Luckily they were able to arrange home treatment so now my little love bug is sleeping on the light. A nurse will stop by daily to check his blood and hopefully soon this will pass.



17 Sep

I love this little man!!


I did it!!

15 Sep

I birthed this boy, and I did it my way. No induction, no iv. No painkillers, no cuts. It was HARD. There was most definitely a point when I gave up and was DONE, but with a great support team, I soldiered thru. Pushing was absolutely no fun, but I pushed an hour and birthed my amazing son with no tears.

17 hours of labor and I did it!!!