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My sweet little boy…

24 Aug

My sweet little boy,

We are getting so excited to meet you. Your grandparents are in town helping me and your dad (or papa) get ready to bring you into this world. Your dad and I are nervous, anxious, and excited for you to make your debut. We have prepared for you by reorganizing our little home so that we have space for your bed (a pack & play) right next to my bed and a glider so that I can rock you to sleep. We have taken photos to celebrate this special time for our family. We have bought baby basics so that we can clothe you and bring you home. I don’t want to overwhelm our home with too much stuff–you will be very little when you join our family and don’t need much more than something warm to wear, a place to sleep, and food in your belly.

It has been a very cool summer in Seattle. If the temperature gets above 80 degrees, I get uncomfortable and my hands and feet swell. But there have only been a couple days that warm–most days are cool in the 70s. It has been very sunny this week–the world is also excited for you to make your entrance!

It has been a strange week–there have been rare earthquakes in Colorado and near Washington DC. There is a major hurricane (Irene) heading towards the East Coast of the US. The Libyan government won’t give up in the face of a civil war for more democracy. Americans are obsessed with reality TV and celebrity gossip. I am obsessed with reading blogs and forums about pregnancy, birth, and babies.

I just finished teaching for the summer–during the school year I am a PhD student in English. I teach freshman writing. During the summer I teach English as a second language courses to international students. This summer I had wonderful students in a listening and speaking class and an academic writing class. I think I am a “hard” teacher–I didn’t give high grades and my students had to work hard.

Your dad loves to make films. This summer he has been filming weddings but his dream is to make his own music videos and small films. We want to make a little film about you–I hope we have time to bring it together for you to watch someday. Your dad misses his family so much–you have a бабушка (babushka), дедушка (dedushka), тетя (teta), and двоюродный брат (cousin) in Ukraine who are also eagerly anticipating your arrival. Usually your dad visits his family every year but this year is just too busy for us! We hope to bring you to meet them sometime this year while you are still little.

It has been a difficult year in Ukraine–your babushka has had 2 small strokes and we pray for her recovery. Both your babushka and deduskha are now retired, so I think money has been a worry. Your cousin Max just finished his university degree as a lawyer/investigator and will now work at the police department where your dad used to work. Max will be the lead crime scene expert and we are so proud of him!

My parents, your grandma and grandpa, live in Montana with my brother Mike. Your grandma and grandpa also retired this year. They drove out here in their 5th wheel trailer and big diesel Ford truck and my dad is living his dream to make a home in that trailer. We will have to ask them at the end of a month out here if they still love it – ha! Your grandpa works with computer programs and is very smart and hardworking. Your grandma is very kind and loving–I know that they will love you so much!

Little boy, my son, this has been one of the most challenging and most exciting times in my life. I worry every day about your health, about money, and about making your life wonderful. It is so exciting to bring you into this world, but it requires a lot of responsibility. I take vitamins every day so that you grow healthy and strong. I try to stay relaxed so that you are a calm baby with no worries in this big world. I visited the midwives monthly, then bimonthly, and now weekly to make sure that you are growing well. I have been healthy for most of the 9 months. Very tired at first (it is hard work to grow a baby) and last month. Now you are big and press on my ribs and my belly. A few months ago I got a cold and had to visit the doctor so I could breathe–sometimes I get asthma–but I recovered quickly. I walk everyday around my university’s campus and I seem to be more healthy with you inside than without!

Now we are just waiting to greet you and get to know you and give you our love on on the outside.

Happy birthday–I know it will be soon! We love you!!
your mommy


Bumpdate: 37 weeks!

12 Aug

Bumpdate: 37 weeks!!

Due Date: Early September 2011. Anywhere from just a few days to 5 weeks to go!!!

Weight Gain: Just over 35 pounds — I wanted to keep it a little lower, but I do seem to be carrying it all in my tummy, so I guess it’s what the little boy wants/needs.

Symptoms: After several weeks of exhaustion (note the lack of posting) last week my energy is back. Nesting has kicked in–I’m cleaning and organizing and getting us ready. He could be here anytime!!

Cravings/Aversions: milk & cereal=mmmmm! peanut butter=yummy! Red meat=yuck! Things have changed a bit, but still no strong cravings or aversions.

Sleep: I’m still doing well–I do toss and turn now, mostly because my hips get tired. It is hard to lay on my back–the weight is too much–and it is difficult to get up when i’m laying down.

I am loving: the fact that i’m almost done with Summer quarter & my family will be here in a week!

I miss: umm, my body? It’ll be nice to feel normal again.

I am looking forward to: meeting this little guy!!

I’m freaking out about: Having a newborn! Money! Getting stuff done! Living with a newborn! Having a new mouth to feed! The overwhelming pressure of being a mother! Everything! But I also know it will be ok, so I freak out at moments but mostly I’m overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it all!

Best moment this week: Today I found out that a friend is pregnant–so cool! And my midwife appointment went well on Tuesday–he’s low and in an ok position (although he’s a bit posterior–turn, baby, turn!).

Milestones: Today marks 37 weeks–he’s full term!

Movement: He’s still not a big mover, but I get nudges and bumps to know he’s in there.

It’s a…: still a little baby boy 🙂

Exercise: I walk a lot–i take elevators a lot because stairs are really tiring, but I am trying to walk when I can. Tuesday I walked down to the medical center from campus and it was a nice little walk.

Diet: milk, cereal, PB&J sandwiches. Eggs. Fish tacos tonight. Light foods with lots of protein(and limited acid–the heartburn can be bad).

Goals for the upcoming week: Wrap up Summer quarter, get ready to meet baby!

Belly Shot: Today: