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Bumpdate: 34 weeks

27 Jul

Bumpdate: 34Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 6-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Umm. . .gettin up to +35 pounds. But it has been consistently bit-by-bit so I’m not worried.

Symptoms: Exhaustion! I didn’t take pics or post anything for a couple weeks because it has been hard enough to function, let alone do things like blog. I’m tired when I walk from my office to class. I can’t eat much but I’m always hungry. Heartburn burns every evening.  But really, I’m feeling good and these are small complaints for the end of pregnancy.

Cravings/Aversions: Umm, I like to eat.   But I allow myself to indulge in milkshakes often. My newest favorite food is apple slices with Trader Joe’s peanut butter. I never knew that peanut butter could be so runny, creamy, and wonderful! Yum!

Sleep: I can’t pull off the usual 9-10+ hours I love. If I go past 7 hours, my hips get sore & I have to move to the couch.  I rarely have that opportunity since I teach in the mornings.  I try to nap/relax in the afternoons and it is all I can do to get thru the day.

I am loving: the fact that soon we’ll meet our boy. CRAZY!

I miss: being spry and energetic and comfortable in my own skin. I miss walking fast and not bumping into things with my bump.

I am looking forward to: meeting our boy. . .I’m looking forward to it and I’m terrified at the same time!

I’m freaking out about: meeting our boy.  My baby bro was born 6 weeks early.  I only have 6 weeks left. If I were my mom, my bro would already be here–scary!  This fact spurred us on to buying the last of our big purchases: car seat and glider for the bedroom. Now it’s just a giant list of little things to get ready!

Best moment this  the last few week(s): Buying a car seat! Makes it real! Birth classes (still funny-crazy). Seeing our boy on the ultrasound again today.  Maybe, possibly, agreeing on a name. ..

Milestones: This kid is getting big: he’s the size of a honeydew melon. The midwife today said he might be 6 pounds.

Movement: Still calm, but I get him swimming and stretching a bit in there.  Loves to curl up on my right side, head down. . .leaving my left side an open pocket of water.

It’s a…: boy. . .still can’t imagine having a little boy in my life.  I just don’t even know what it’ll be like!

Goals for the upcoming week: We meet the pediatrician (my doctor–she’s a family doctor and great!) on Thursday and I’m looking forward to talking about the baby’s side of a birth plan and talking vaccinations, etc.  Just another thing to cross off the list!

Belly Shot:


Bumpdate: 31 weeks

5 Jul

Bumpdate: 31 weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 9-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Up about 30 pounds. My weight hasn’t changed much in the past couple weeks – partially because I’ve been running around to teach and we’ve been trying to eat better (save money, eat healthy in practice for baby–easier with our new freezer)

Symptoms: I’ve been waking up early in the morning and I toss and turn for the last few hours of sleep. Since I just had a 4-day weekend, I tried to sleep in every day. However, each morning around 8 or 9 am my pelvis would hurt so I’d move out to the couch to either sleep a bit more or gradually wake up. I’m afraid this may be my new strategy–sleep most of the night in bed and move to the couch when I get too sore in bed.

Cravings/Aversions: ice cream 🙂 I eat a lot of it!

I am loving: slowly “nesting” – I got our furniture moved around in the bedroom this weekend (as in I directed, hubs moved) so that we have a space for baby. I also set up the pack ‘n’ play just to see how it works in the room. I’m letting it air out before I pack it up ’till baby comes. I’m cleaning, arranging, decorating, prepping food, etc. I still feel good about time, so the scary nesting hasn’t kicked in.

I miss: Having energy! As much as I’m getting done, I’m tired by 8pm. I miss being a night owl.

Best moment this week: Spending the 4-day weekend with the hubs, getting some things done to prepare for baby.

Milestones:  Baby is still the size of an ever-growing squash.

Movement: Still regular, still in funny places. It’s fun to get the little reminders that something is in there 🙂

Exercise: Went to the park twice this weekend just to enjoy the sunshine. It is so nice to get out and move, although I get side-aches below my belly if I walk too fast.

Diet: meat & vegetables. and ice cream! We bought a bunch of good meat and we’ve been cooking with it, along with lots of salads (yummy beet-onion, potato salad, coleslaw, etc). It’s good to have a lot of protein and not so many carbs, and I see it in my weight.

Goals for the upcoming week: Keep my energy up, don’t fall behind teaching.

Belly Shot: Getting bigger & bigger!