Feeding a family

27 Jun

I am really busy between school, teaching, tutoring, and our business. Things like cooking and cleaning are definitely not my priority. Hubs cooks when he misses his native foods, but usually I’m in charge of figuring out meals. Same with cleaning – sometimes he’ll get a wild hair and vacuum or wash dishes, but it tends to fall to me to do it. But that’s ok–he kills spiders and takes care of the trash & recycling 🙂

Anyway, with baby coming, I’m more aware of cooking healthy (cheap) things and keeping our home cleaner. I haven’t made great progress yet keeping things organized and un-cluttered, but I have ideas. As for cooking, our new freezer should help out a lot. I’m planning to buy things like red/yellow/green peppers when they’re in season, chop & freeze. Same with onion. In the past, I would buy meat at good prices and section it into dinner-sized portions for later cooking. I’ve been inspired to pre-cook some meats like ground beef & onions, ham, or chicken breasts.

Today I had the best idea ever: I tossed 2 huge organic chicken breasts in the slow cooker, dumped a jar of salsa on top and let is do its thing for 6 hours (on high). Best dinner ever! I shredded the breasts with a fork and we had chicken tacos. The leftovers I plan to freeze for future tacos or for making enchiladas. I actually think chicken thighs would be tastier (and cheaper) with the dark meat.

I plan to get acquainted with the slow cooker over the summer. Hubs isn’t too fond of casseroles so the usual plan to freeze a bunch of casseroles pre-baby would likely lead to wasted food. But he loves good hot meat, so the slow cooker just might be our new best friend!



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