30 and 30

26 Jun

On Thursday I celebrated both being 30 weeks pregnant and my 30th birthday! It was a pretty relaxed day since it was a work day, but I had a chance to celebrate properly today.

30 years old and 30 wks pregnant!

It was fun to get some Mexican food and catch up with old friends and learn more about new friends!  I’ve realized how important friends are and yet how I’ve gotten so preoccupied with work and school that I’ve let many friendships slide away. It was really nice to see people and just chat.  The restaurant I chose, however, was chaos so that made it kind of weird.  Rather than the usual wait staff running the show, people ordered at a window more like a bar (or taco truck). Although my friend who works there warned them that we’d be coming, no one had any tables set aside. I wanted to be out on the porch, we ended up inside, in the middle of the chaos.  But I say “whatever” – it was just nice to see people!

I’m also enjoying the fact that it is summer and I’m not in school. It is amazing how much mental energy school takes up–there’s always some reading to do, a paper I should be working on.  Add teaching to that mix and there’s always some obligation. This summer I’m working full time yet I feel way more relaxed.  A full -time teaching load is so much easier to manage than half teaching/half school. So I’m going to enjoy this summer and relax a bit.

This evening I’m downloading pictures from our trip back home and from my birthday today. I’m cleaning a bit–my parents bought us a big freezer so we can start storing food for when baby comes — it’ll save money and trips to the grocery store (not to mention storing milk for the babe).

Hopefully I can work bit-by-bit to make our living space a bit more organized so that we don’t fall into chaos whenever we get busy. That’s my “nesting” goal for the summer 🙂


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