Bumpdate: 28-29 weeks

22 Jun

Bumpdate: 28/29 Weeks: it has been a couple crazy weeks finishing up Spring quarter, shooting a wedding, and then heading out to Montana so I just combined these 2 weeks!

Due Date: Early September 2011. It’s coming up quickly!

Weight Gain: Up about 30 pounds. Eek! I’ve definitely hit the ‘scary number’ I wanted to avoid.

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling pretty good. I can’t walk too fast and with too much activity, I get tired, but for 6 1/2 months pregnant, I’m doing ok.

Sleep: I’m finding that I often move in my sleep and although I usually sleep on my left side, my back and right are also equally as comfortable. It probably has to do with my big heavy stomach-area.

I am loving: spending time with my family! It was so nice to revel in this pregnancy a bit while I was home. I also appreciated the quality time with the hubs.

I miss: Not looking huge. People still sometimes don’t notice that I’m pregnant – or maybe are afraid to say anything. but do they really think I’m that fat?!

I am looking forward to: our birth class starts Wednesday!

Best moment this week: a tie between family time in Montana and couple time in Yellowstone.  It was great to see my parents and go shopping for baby stuff with my mom. It was great to hang out with relatives and share baby advice.  But it was also awesome to escape with the hubs with no schedule to explore Yellowstone. We had such an awesome dinner, too–juicy elk and buffalo burgers.  It was a wonderful tiny little baby-moon!

Milestones: I had my 28 week appointment where I drank the glucose, got the blood test for gestational diabetes, anemia and blood antibodies and then got my rhoGam shot in my arse. It was a blast!

Exercise: We had fun exploring Yellowstone. If the hikes were too long my lower abdomen would ache (probably the muscles holding up my belly feelin’ the strain) but it was awesome to get fresh air!!

Diet: meat! I ate a lot of meat (steak, buffalo & elk hamburgers, beef jerky) while in MT. It was good for me, but I’m ready for salads again!

Belly Shot: 29 weeks at Yellowstone Falls!


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