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Bumpdate: 30 weeks

28 Jun

Bumpdate: 30 weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. approx 10 weeks to go! gah!!

Weight Gain: Up 30-35 pounds. Eek!

Symptoms: I’m still sleeping well, but I’m beginning to feel a bone-ache when I sleep too long on my left side.  Apparently if I move to my back or right I snore, so I try to stay on my left (it’s good for circulation, too). I may have to start sleeping with additional pillows either between my legs or under my belly. Still have some leg cramps but I’m working on catching them before they get horrible.

I am loving: Our birthing class – haha! The hubs came kicking and screaming. In his country, men take no part in the childbirth process, so this hands-on stuff is foreign to him. Add to that a quirky childbirth educator and we’ve been giggling since.  The class was a combination of boring and ridiculous–but useful. The highlights were this fun activity where the men all blew up balloons with ping-pong balls in them.  They didn’t tie them off and then let the ball settle into the hole.  This was supposed to symbolize the uterus and baby’s head (of course, not to scale). The neck of the balloon is the cervix.  When you squeeze the balloon by the sides, nothing happens to the ball or neck (like braxton-hicks contractions). When you push from the top-down, the neck becomes shorter just like in real labor.  As hubs pushed down from the top, the ball came shooting out! It was so funny!  Also, we did a relaxation exercise to light music where all the pairs laid on the floor. Afterwards we were told to practice at home, so every time we go to bed I joke that it’s time for a massage and music. We can’t wait (sarcastically) ’till next week–it’s kind of a silly class but I think it is a really useful exercise and moves us into the mindframe of being parents.

I miss: Not weighing a million pounds. Both for vain and also energy reasons. I just get so tired packin an extra 3o pounds!

I am looking forward to: Our next birthing class 😉

I’m freaking out about: Umm, I guess I’m beginning to worry a bit about birth details–like vaccines, cutting the cord & baby procedures.  And after today’s appointment/ultrasound, it’s becoming more & more real. He’s so cute (and so big!)

Best moment this week: Birthing class – haha! Birthday party on Saturday with friends. Meeting my summer quarter students. It’s been a busy week! But for real, today’s ultrasound/midwife appt was amazing – baby is so cute! He’s a calm boy & quite shy–for most of the ultrasound he was covering his face with both hands 🙂 After he showed his face, he pouted–lower lip out big & fat.

Milestones: Baby’s the size of a squash!

Movement: He seems to be really stretching out and checking out all the corners of his home–I’ve started to get kicks under the ribs, into my back, down low.. .He’s active and seems to be enjoying his space.

Exercise: Sunday I went for a nice long walk in the park. I probably walked 20 min before I needed to pause–if I walk too long or too fast my lower belly gets sore.

Diet:  Now that we have our new awesome freezer, I’m focusing on easy, cheap, healthy foods. So I think our diet will be getting better & better.

Goals for the upcoming week: Keep thinking of good, cheap, healthy things to cook. Get enough sleep. Stay on top of teaching. Enjoy life!

Belly  Baby Shot:


face, straight-on.  

Look at that chubby cheek and that chin! Handsome man!!


Feeding a family

27 Jun

I am really busy between school, teaching, tutoring, and our business. Things like cooking and cleaning are definitely not my priority. Hubs cooks when he misses his native foods, but usually I’m in charge of figuring out meals. Same with cleaning – sometimes he’ll get a wild hair and vacuum or wash dishes, but it tends to fall to me to do it. But that’s ok–he kills spiders and takes care of the trash & recycling 🙂

Anyway, with baby coming, I’m more aware of cooking healthy (cheap) things and keeping our home cleaner. I haven’t made great progress yet keeping things organized and un-cluttered, but I have ideas. As for cooking, our new freezer should help out a lot. I’m planning to buy things like red/yellow/green peppers when they’re in season, chop & freeze. Same with onion. In the past, I would buy meat at good prices and section it into dinner-sized portions for later cooking. I’ve been inspired to pre-cook some meats like ground beef & onions, ham, or chicken breasts.

Today I had the best idea ever: I tossed 2 huge organic chicken breasts in the slow cooker, dumped a jar of salsa on top and let is do its thing for 6 hours (on high). Best dinner ever! I shredded the breasts with a fork and we had chicken tacos. The leftovers I plan to freeze for future tacos or for making enchiladas. I actually think chicken thighs would be tastier (and cheaper) with the dark meat.

I plan to get acquainted with the slow cooker over the summer. Hubs isn’t too fond of casseroles so the usual plan to freeze a bunch of casseroles pre-baby would likely lead to wasted food. But he loves good hot meat, so the slow cooker just might be our new best friend!


30 and 30

26 Jun

On Thursday I celebrated both being 30 weeks pregnant and my 30th birthday! It was a pretty relaxed day since it was a work day, but I had a chance to celebrate properly today.

30 years old and 30 wks pregnant!

It was fun to get some Mexican food and catch up with old friends and learn more about new friends!  I’ve realized how important friends are and yet how I’ve gotten so preoccupied with work and school that I’ve let many friendships slide away. It was really nice to see people and just chat.  The restaurant I chose, however, was chaos so that made it kind of weird.  Rather than the usual wait staff running the show, people ordered at a window more like a bar (or taco truck). Although my friend who works there warned them that we’d be coming, no one had any tables set aside. I wanted to be out on the porch, we ended up inside, in the middle of the chaos.  But I say “whatever” – it was just nice to see people!

I’m also enjoying the fact that it is summer and I’m not in school. It is amazing how much mental energy school takes up–there’s always some reading to do, a paper I should be working on.  Add teaching to that mix and there’s always some obligation. This summer I’m working full time yet I feel way more relaxed.  A full -time teaching load is so much easier to manage than half teaching/half school. So I’m going to enjoy this summer and relax a bit.

This evening I’m downloading pictures from our trip back home and from my birthday today. I’m cleaning a bit–my parents bought us a big freezer so we can start storing food for when baby comes — it’ll save money and trips to the grocery store (not to mention storing milk for the babe).

Hopefully I can work bit-by-bit to make our living space a bit more organized so that we don’t fall into chaos whenever we get busy. That’s my “nesting” goal for the summer 🙂

Bumpdate: 28-29 weeks

22 Jun

Bumpdate: 28/29 Weeks: it has been a couple crazy weeks finishing up Spring quarter, shooting a wedding, and then heading out to Montana so I just combined these 2 weeks!

Due Date: Early September 2011. It’s coming up quickly!

Weight Gain: Up about 30 pounds. Eek! I’ve definitely hit the ‘scary number’ I wanted to avoid.

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling pretty good. I can’t walk too fast and with too much activity, I get tired, but for 6 1/2 months pregnant, I’m doing ok.

Sleep: I’m finding that I often move in my sleep and although I usually sleep on my left side, my back and right are also equally as comfortable. It probably has to do with my big heavy stomach-area.

I am loving: spending time with my family! It was so nice to revel in this pregnancy a bit while I was home. I also appreciated the quality time with the hubs.

I miss: Not looking huge. People still sometimes don’t notice that I’m pregnant – or maybe are afraid to say anything. but do they really think I’m that fat?!

I am looking forward to: our birth class starts Wednesday!

Best moment this week: a tie between family time in Montana and couple time in Yellowstone.  It was great to see my parents and go shopping for baby stuff with my mom. It was great to hang out with relatives and share baby advice.  But it was also awesome to escape with the hubs with no schedule to explore Yellowstone. We had such an awesome dinner, too–juicy elk and buffalo burgers.  It was a wonderful tiny little baby-moon!

Milestones: I had my 28 week appointment where I drank the glucose, got the blood test for gestational diabetes, anemia and blood antibodies and then got my rhoGam shot in my arse. It was a blast!

Exercise: We had fun exploring Yellowstone. If the hikes were too long my lower abdomen would ache (probably the muscles holding up my belly feelin’ the strain) but it was awesome to get fresh air!!

Diet: meat! I ate a lot of meat (steak, buffalo & elk hamburgers, beef jerky) while in MT. It was good for me, but I’m ready for salads again!

Belly Shot: 29 weeks at Yellowstone Falls!

Bumpdate: 27 weeks

9 Jun

Bumpdate: 27 weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 13-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Totally stable – the belly seems to keep growing but my weight isn’t going up. This is a good sign because I’m still eating like I want to – 3-4 meals a day, a combo of healthy food and craving food. That mean’s I’m losing weight, right?

Symptoms: If I overdo it, I have tailbone pain. I’ve had a few nights of restless legs.  I had a few terrible leg cramps at night: one night I was only able to moan in pain until it released.  I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and have a good stretch . . .but point my toes. I guess that causes the tailbone pain. So I remind myself to stretch and flex my feet but not to point my toes.

Cravings/Aversions: sugar! I can’t help myself. Sweets are so good! But tomorrow I go in for the Gestational Diabetes test so I am cut off for today/tomorrow. I pray that I don’t have GD–I don’t know how I would fight the cravings for yummy sweet things!!

Sleep: Good. Turning over sucks, but sleep is good!

I am looking forward to: heading to Montana next week to visit my family, visit Yellowstone, and do some baby shopping. I plan to buy the pack & play (which will serve as crib for the first few months) while we’re there. . .and finally allow myself to start getting some of the necessities.

I’m freaking out about: Nothing at the moment. I have a lot of little things to do and a lot of big things to do this month (like finish grading, film a wedding, go to Montana, start teaching, celebrate my 30th birthday, etc etc etc…). But I’m feelin’ good 🙂

Best moment this week: Baby gifts – I came home yesterday after some errands and there was a box by the door. Inside: 3 things from our Target registry from a friend who lives across the US. I studied abroad in the UK with her and we’ve stayed in touch since.  It was just so thoughtful to send something and I’ve been sad that there will be no baby shower for me (people are too scattered for anyone to organize anything and I can’t throw one myself), but I’m still getting the love through these little encounters.  Sure, getting a gift is nice, but I’m finding that it is the symbol of support and the little bits of advice that come along with it are SO meaningful!

Milestones: Baby is the size of an eggplant! I’m in the third trimester by most counts!

Movement: Every day he give a little kick or shudder to say hi!

Goals for the upcoming week: Finish grading tomorrow, turn in grades, prep this wedding, film it, and drive to Montana–yay!

Belly Shot: This was very definitely taken at 27 1/2 weeks, but it still counts!

Mama PhD

2 Jun

This made my day 🙂

I helped a prof videotape our class and I’m making a DVD of it so she gave me this book as a thank you 🙂