Bumpdate: 25 weeks

24 May

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 15-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Up 20-some pounds.  It fluctuates so much that I can’t say exactly. I’m avoiding the ‘evil number’ that I didn’t want to cross so that’s good 🙂

Symptoms: I’ve been feelin’ good! After getting past my cold/asthma issues, I have energy again! Many of the aches & pains are gone and I’m enjoying this time!

Cravings/Aversions: sweets, still! I’d say that the old wives tales which say that if you crave salty/savory things=boy while sweets=girl … are completely incorrect!

Sleep: Pretty good – I still wake up with a cough (a tickle-cough) occasionally and if I turn over too quick my ’round ligaments’ which hold my big belly to my body get all cramp-y. I’ve always loved sleep and still do!

I am loving: this nesting feeling that is slowly kicking in! I’ve been spring cleaning-out everything. Our office was never really unpacked and I did a ton of that yesterday. I cleared out space and bought a shelf unit which we can slowly set up and store more in that room. I have a plan for our bedroom to have both our bed and stuff and nursery space together.  Someday, the office can become baby’s room but we’ll approach that when it’s appropriate.  Right now, this little boy is gonna sleep right next to me in a co-sleeper or pack and play by the bed.

I miss: Nothing at the moment — I love that our life is moving forward. No regrets, just excitement!

I am looking forward to: June! In June I finish this quarter’s classes, we shoot 2 weddings, we head to Montana to spend time with my family and go to Yellowstone for a mini baby-moon.  I start teaching again–full-time (which means a full paycheck). I celebrate my 30th birthday. It will be an exciting month!

I’m freaking out about: Nothing big at the moment–maybe a little bit about finishing up the quarter. This quarter never really stuck–I feel like it started just seconds after winter quarter ended and I never really recovered.  Early mornings, only teaching 2 days per week. . .It just hasn’t been awesome.

Best moment this week: Just feeling better, getting stuff done. It’s a nice feeling!

Milestones: Baby’s moving right through the fruits & vegetables=he’s now the size of an eggplant!

Movement: I don’t know how people do it: sitting in an office all day squishin’ their little buddy.  Whenever I sit, working hard, he’ll start kicking away. It’s pretty funny. Also, the other night I pressed on the area just below my belly button and he pushed back!

Goals for the upcoming week: Monday I have a meeting with my Director about future plans. Tuesday I have an ultrasound so we’ll get to see our little guy again.  Wednesday. . something. Busy week & I take it day by day. . .

Belly Shot & Baby Shot: Baby from inside and outside today:


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