Bumpdate: 24.5 weeks

18 May

Bumpdate: 24.5 weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 16-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Nearing my scary number. That one number I just don’t want to break. I know that I’ll probably pass it since it is still pretty early, but I hoping to make that moment as late as possible. My weight also strangely fluctuates a pound or two per day–i’m down 2 pounds from yesterday, but I figure that’s because I actually moved around today instead of laying in my sickbed.

Symptoms: I had the worst cold this week! Hit mid-week last week and over the weekend it turned into a chest rattle, bone aches, and exhaustion.  Monday I cancelled class and headed to the doctor’s office.  After 3 hours there, 1 nebulizer treatment and 2 prescriptions we figured out that I don’t have pneumonia, rather a wicked cold with asthma holding all the crap in my lungs.  The medicine helps and I really need to keep up on it or I feel like crap again.  This sickness isn’t necessarily pregnancy related, but I figure I wouldn’t have been hit so hard if I wasn’t pregnant.

Cravings/Aversions: carbs. It’s bad, but solid calorie-laden foods make me happiest.  Waffles, chocolate cake, sandwiches. . .But tonight we had a taco salad for dinner (steak fajita meat, black bean/corn/tomato salsa, lots of yummy lettuce, and green salsa) Yum!

Sleep: I slept all weekend because I was sick. Last night I was out by midnight, but woke up several times with a tickle-cough. Up and at ’em at 8am, 1 hour before my alarm.

Milestones: He’s getting bigger and bigger – baby’s the size of a papaya 🙂

Movement: I’m pretty sure he spends all his time feet-down–whenever I sit and press on the bottom of my belly he kicks up a storm!

Goals for the upcoming week: Get through the week 🙂 After being sick all weekend, I’m back to being behind on everything. I’d like to stay healthy and energetic and on top of things!

Belly Shot: A bit late (hence the 24.5 weeks) but here it is…


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