Mother’s Day

8 May

I have never been so aware of Mother’s Day as today. All I really want is to take my mommy out to brunch and thank her for everything (Thanks, mom!), but I’m several states away from her and we had a really busy weekend.  If there was any way I could hop in the car now and make it there before I teach at 8:30am tomorrow, I would. But instead, a phone call will have to suffice.

I don’t quite know what being a mother means yet, but I have a feeling that it is overwhelming, wonderful, guild-ridden and anxiety-inducing to be the center of someone’s world.  To have so many huge choices to make in the best interests of someone else is scary–we’re struggling with just naming the kid.  The real, big decisions are intimidating.

My only solace is to take it day-by-day.  Right now I make sure I’m well-fed & well-hydrated and taking care of myself so that he’s healthy. Naming, diapering, feeding, learning, . . .the big and little decisions will come in their own time.

This all just serves to remind me to THANK MY MOTHER for putting up with me for almost 30 years and my baby brother for almost 22. You are an amazing mom and a great support and friend. I LOVE YOU!!


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