Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

5 May

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 17-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: I’m really beginning to pack on pounds. I actually seem to be eating less, so I really do think it’s baby/water weight. My weight also fluctuates morning-evening and day-to-day.  I’m trying not to get too obsessed, but my goal is to not break 200.

Symptoms: If I walk too fast I get cramps just below my belly. My tailbone pain has really lessened.  I get tired quickly when I walk across campus, but overall my energy seems pretty normal.

Sleep: I’m still doing well on 7-8 hours a night (which is actually a little lower than normal). I sleep through the night so I’m thankful for that!!

I am loving: Some of the baby names we’re finally collecting. I’m really trying to figure out what is ok for me–I’m realizing I don’t want a standard name: no John, William, or George for me. I wanted to represent my side–British/Norwegian–but I’m not digging any of those names. But there are 2 names I’m liking that are unusual with totally normal nicknames and I’m realizing that’s more up my alley.

I miss: Alcohol – this one pops up a lot. . . Today is cinco de mayo and I’d love to enjoy a corona. I saw some yummy wine yesterday and I’d love to have a glass to just relax.  I’m already looking forward to early September when I can celebrate with a nice cold drink 🙂

Movement: Sometimes when I almost forget that he’s there he gives me a gentle nudge as a reminder. When I first lay down at night, he usually kicks up a storm. When I eat good food he gets really active as well.

Diet: Lot’s of seafood this week. We’ve been living on tuna sandwiches. I’ve been loving shrimp & imitation crab in sushi. I actually think I’ve eaten my fish/seafood allowance for the week so I have got to find some other light yummy options.

Goals for the upcoming week: I had a really busy week–presentations, meetings, classes. . .  Today I’m utterly exhausted so I’m actually taking a day off.  These early mornings add up and I woke up today feeling congested and tired so I’m spending the day at home to get caught up. We have a wedding this weekend so the weekend won’t be full of rest so I have to take it where I can get it.

Belly Shot: Papaya baby!!


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