Bumpdate: 22 weeks

1 May

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 18-ish weeks to go! I’m definitely more than halfway there, even if I run ‘late’ (my midwives let you go up to 42 weeks).

Weight Gain: Up about 15 pounds. It’s amazing how much my weight can fluctuate throughout the day & week, though. I’m guessing that it’s water/food weight. I’m eating a lot more to be full, but I’m noticing that I consistently crave more so it’s not just the idea of ‘eating for two’ but I really do need to add a (small) meal every day. I’m trying to make good choices like eating yogurt rather than Easter candy (blush). I’m doing much better this week than last.

Symptoms: This has been a good week! Lot’s of energy and I’ve gotten a lot done. Tailbone pain sometimes exists, but not as noticebly as past weeks. The only new thing I’ve noticed is that if I walk too fast (like racing across campus to get something done) I get a uterus-ache like a sideache. I’m sure it’s the round ligament pain just telling me to slow down a bit 🙂

Cravings/Aversions: sweets! BUT I’m stragetically getting rid of candy (eating it 😉 ) and getting healthy sweets. Also, we’ve been eating a lot of sushi around here–not the raw fish, but yummy cooked fish like california rolls and spicy crab rolls. It’s soo good!

Sleep: I’m actually finding that I’m getting by just fine on way less sleep than I’m used to. Maybe my body & brain are getting me ready to be a parent!

Best moment this week: Today was funny–I got a yummy carmel macchiato which I haven’t had in a while (I allow myself 1 coffee a few times a week if I need the pick-me-up). It was sooooo good, and apparently the babe agreed. I was sitting and drinking it and looking out the window and he was spinning and kicking and having a grand time. Same thing later when we had spicy thai soup for lunch. He’s going to have the funniest appetite when he comes out!

Milestones: Apparently he’s the size of a papaya

Goals for the upcoming week: I did good this week: registered for birthing classes & turned in a form for daycare financial aid through my university. This week I need to get on the daycare waiting list and just survive this week. I have a dentist appointment, a presentation, tutoring, and several other meetings–not to mention the usual work of teaching/grading/classes.

Belly Shot: Here I am–me and my ever-growing belly 🙂



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