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Bumpdate: 26 weeks

30 May

Bumpdate: 26 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 24-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: happily up 20/25 pounds. Nicely avoiding the scary number.  There really was a big growth spurt in weeks 20-22, now things seem to have tapered off. I’m also eating better, which I think means that my body is losing weight while my belly grows-grows-grows!

Symptoms: If I walk too fast, I get round ligament pain. It kind of cramps my style because I like to walk briskly wherever I go. Rather than leaving hubs in the dust, I now have to ask him to slow down.

Sleep: I ❤ sleep! I still get my normal amount, but turning over in the night can be a pain, literally. See above round ligament pain. My body is definitely adjusting to carrying a basketball in my belly.

I am loving: the fact that I’m almost done with this quarter, summer is almost here, and I get to see my family soon!

I miss: My friends 😦 I’m realizing that I don’t really have a circle of good friends anywhere. I have lots of people who are important to me but they’re all around the world. I doubt anyone will throw me a baby shower; not even sure if anyone will want to celebrate my 30th birthday. Sad times, but I’m not going to let it get me down!!

I am looking forward to: Montana!

I’m freaking out about: I have so much to finish this week: grading 20 5-7 page papers by tomorrow night. Finishing a major part of my final project for the class I’m taking for Tuesday so my partner and I can present. Then finishing it for real for Thursday.  Tutoring. Finalizing things for a wedding on Saturday. Prepping my students to turn in their final writing portfolios for next Monday. Grading those. Prepping another wedding and doing the full gestational diabetes test/rhogam shot on the 9th. . .shooting our 2nd June wedding and driving to MT. Yeah. A lot to do in the next 2 weeks!

Best moment this week: Alien baby! I took a bath last night and he was active. He was pushing and poking all around my belly and I could see it from the outside. So strange!! As it gets more obvious, I’m going to have to video it. It’s so bizarre!!

Milestones: Baby’s the size of an eggplant. Yum!

Movement: Kicking and twisting and turning. I still think he likes feet down, head up facing my right side. Every ultrasound he’s that way and that side of my belly is bigger.

It’s a…: still a little boy in there 😉 still can’t believe it!

Exercise: Nothing planned, but I try to walk around. I can’t go fast but I know it’s good for me. I had a huge long walk around campus the other day for errands and it was nice. Just gotta take it slow or my belly hurts.

Diet: we ate a bunch of Russian food this week (took the trip to the Russian store). I also chopped up a bunch of carrots and cucumber and I’ve been eating those. It’s nice to have snack food around that is healthy. The #1 improvement this week has been our new refrigerator! SO NICE to actually be able to have frozen food and food that doesn’t mold in just a few days. I can eat ice cream again 🙂 And I do, just about every evening!

Goals for the upcoming week: Survive!  and actually finish everything and do it well!

Belly Shot: Belly’s getting bigger and rounder 🙂 Also notice that I’m embracing ‘crazy hair’–my usual curls just aren’t right with the pregnancy hormones. I’m tired of greasy hair. So I’ve been using a de-frizz serum and just blowdrying how it is. It’s crazy but I think it actually looks ok 🙂


Bumpdate: 25 weeks

24 May

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 15-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Up 20-some pounds.  It fluctuates so much that I can’t say exactly. I’m avoiding the ‘evil number’ that I didn’t want to cross so that’s good 🙂

Symptoms: I’ve been feelin’ good! After getting past my cold/asthma issues, I have energy again! Many of the aches & pains are gone and I’m enjoying this time!

Cravings/Aversions: sweets, still! I’d say that the old wives tales which say that if you crave salty/savory things=boy while sweets=girl … are completely incorrect!

Sleep: Pretty good – I still wake up with a cough (a tickle-cough) occasionally and if I turn over too quick my ’round ligaments’ which hold my big belly to my body get all cramp-y. I’ve always loved sleep and still do!

I am loving: this nesting feeling that is slowly kicking in! I’ve been spring cleaning-out everything. Our office was never really unpacked and I did a ton of that yesterday. I cleared out space and bought a shelf unit which we can slowly set up and store more in that room. I have a plan for our bedroom to have both our bed and stuff and nursery space together.  Someday, the office can become baby’s room but we’ll approach that when it’s appropriate.  Right now, this little boy is gonna sleep right next to me in a co-sleeper or pack and play by the bed.

I miss: Nothing at the moment — I love that our life is moving forward. No regrets, just excitement!

I am looking forward to: June! In June I finish this quarter’s classes, we shoot 2 weddings, we head to Montana to spend time with my family and go to Yellowstone for a mini baby-moon.  I start teaching again–full-time (which means a full paycheck). I celebrate my 30th birthday. It will be an exciting month!

I’m freaking out about: Nothing big at the moment–maybe a little bit about finishing up the quarter. This quarter never really stuck–I feel like it started just seconds after winter quarter ended and I never really recovered.  Early mornings, only teaching 2 days per week. . .It just hasn’t been awesome.

Best moment this week: Just feeling better, getting stuff done. It’s a nice feeling!

Milestones: Baby’s moving right through the fruits & vegetables=he’s now the size of an eggplant!

Movement: I don’t know how people do it: sitting in an office all day squishin’ their little buddy.  Whenever I sit, working hard, he’ll start kicking away. It’s pretty funny. Also, the other night I pressed on the area just below my belly button and he pushed back!

Goals for the upcoming week: Monday I have a meeting with my Director about future plans. Tuesday I have an ultrasound so we’ll get to see our little guy again.  Wednesday. . something. Busy week & I take it day by day. . .

Belly Shot & Baby Shot: Baby from inside and outside today:

Bumpdate: 24.5 weeks

18 May

Bumpdate: 24.5 weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 16-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Nearing my scary number. That one number I just don’t want to break. I know that I’ll probably pass it since it is still pretty early, but I hoping to make that moment as late as possible. My weight also strangely fluctuates a pound or two per day–i’m down 2 pounds from yesterday, but I figure that’s because I actually moved around today instead of laying in my sickbed.

Symptoms: I had the worst cold this week! Hit mid-week last week and over the weekend it turned into a chest rattle, bone aches, and exhaustion.  Monday I cancelled class and headed to the doctor’s office.  After 3 hours there, 1 nebulizer treatment and 2 prescriptions we figured out that I don’t have pneumonia, rather a wicked cold with asthma holding all the crap in my lungs.  The medicine helps and I really need to keep up on it or I feel like crap again.  This sickness isn’t necessarily pregnancy related, but I figure I wouldn’t have been hit so hard if I wasn’t pregnant.

Cravings/Aversions: carbs. It’s bad, but solid calorie-laden foods make me happiest.  Waffles, chocolate cake, sandwiches. . .But tonight we had a taco salad for dinner (steak fajita meat, black bean/corn/tomato salsa, lots of yummy lettuce, and green salsa) Yum!

Sleep: I slept all weekend because I was sick. Last night I was out by midnight, but woke up several times with a tickle-cough. Up and at ’em at 8am, 1 hour before my alarm.

Milestones: He’s getting bigger and bigger – baby’s the size of a papaya 🙂

Movement: I’m pretty sure he spends all his time feet-down–whenever I sit and press on the bottom of my belly he kicks up a storm!

Goals for the upcoming week: Get through the week 🙂 After being sick all weekend, I’m back to being behind on everything. I’d like to stay healthy and energetic and on top of things!

Belly Shot: A bit late (hence the 24.5 weeks) but here it is…

Mother’s Day

8 May

I have never been so aware of Mother’s Day as today. All I really want is to take my mommy out to brunch and thank her for everything (Thanks, mom!), but I’m several states away from her and we had a really busy weekend.  If there was any way I could hop in the car now and make it there before I teach at 8:30am tomorrow, I would. But instead, a phone call will have to suffice.

I don’t quite know what being a mother means yet, but I have a feeling that it is overwhelming, wonderful, guild-ridden and anxiety-inducing to be the center of someone’s world.  To have so many huge choices to make in the best interests of someone else is scary–we’re struggling with just naming the kid.  The real, big decisions are intimidating.

My only solace is to take it day-by-day.  Right now I make sure I’m well-fed & well-hydrated and taking care of myself so that he’s healthy. Naming, diapering, feeding, learning, . . .the big and little decisions will come in their own time.

This all just serves to remind me to THANK MY MOTHER for putting up with me for almost 30 years and my baby brother for almost 22. You are an amazing mom and a great support and friend. I LOVE YOU!!

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

5 May

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 17-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: I’m really beginning to pack on pounds. I actually seem to be eating less, so I really do think it’s baby/water weight. My weight also fluctuates morning-evening and day-to-day.  I’m trying not to get too obsessed, but my goal is to not break 200.

Symptoms: If I walk too fast I get cramps just below my belly. My tailbone pain has really lessened.  I get tired quickly when I walk across campus, but overall my energy seems pretty normal.

Sleep: I’m still doing well on 7-8 hours a night (which is actually a little lower than normal). I sleep through the night so I’m thankful for that!!

I am loving: Some of the baby names we’re finally collecting. I’m really trying to figure out what is ok for me–I’m realizing I don’t want a standard name: no John, William, or George for me. I wanted to represent my side–British/Norwegian–but I’m not digging any of those names. But there are 2 names I’m liking that are unusual with totally normal nicknames and I’m realizing that’s more up my alley.

I miss: Alcohol – this one pops up a lot. . . Today is cinco de mayo and I’d love to enjoy a corona. I saw some yummy wine yesterday and I’d love to have a glass to just relax.  I’m already looking forward to early September when I can celebrate with a nice cold drink 🙂

Movement: Sometimes when I almost forget that he’s there he gives me a gentle nudge as a reminder. When I first lay down at night, he usually kicks up a storm. When I eat good food he gets really active as well.

Diet: Lot’s of seafood this week. We’ve been living on tuna sandwiches. I’ve been loving shrimp & imitation crab in sushi. I actually think I’ve eaten my fish/seafood allowance for the week so I have got to find some other light yummy options.

Goals for the upcoming week: I had a really busy week–presentations, meetings, classes. . .  Today I’m utterly exhausted so I’m actually taking a day off.  These early mornings add up and I woke up today feeling congested and tired so I’m spending the day at home to get caught up. We have a wedding this weekend so the weekend won’t be full of rest so I have to take it where I can get it.

Belly Shot: Papaya baby!!

Bumpdate: 22 weeks

1 May

Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 18-ish weeks to go! I’m definitely more than halfway there, even if I run ‘late’ (my midwives let you go up to 42 weeks).

Weight Gain: Up about 15 pounds. It’s amazing how much my weight can fluctuate throughout the day & week, though. I’m guessing that it’s water/food weight. I’m eating a lot more to be full, but I’m noticing that I consistently crave more so it’s not just the idea of ‘eating for two’ but I really do need to add a (small) meal every day. I’m trying to make good choices like eating yogurt rather than Easter candy (blush). I’m doing much better this week than last.

Symptoms: This has been a good week! Lot’s of energy and I’ve gotten a lot done. Tailbone pain sometimes exists, but not as noticebly as past weeks. The only new thing I’ve noticed is that if I walk too fast (like racing across campus to get something done) I get a uterus-ache like a sideache. I’m sure it’s the round ligament pain just telling me to slow down a bit 🙂

Cravings/Aversions: sweets! BUT I’m stragetically getting rid of candy (eating it 😉 ) and getting healthy sweets. Also, we’ve been eating a lot of sushi around here–not the raw fish, but yummy cooked fish like california rolls and spicy crab rolls. It’s soo good!

Sleep: I’m actually finding that I’m getting by just fine on way less sleep than I’m used to. Maybe my body & brain are getting me ready to be a parent!

Best moment this week: Today was funny–I got a yummy carmel macchiato which I haven’t had in a while (I allow myself 1 coffee a few times a week if I need the pick-me-up). It was sooooo good, and apparently the babe agreed. I was sitting and drinking it and looking out the window and he was spinning and kicking and having a grand time. Same thing later when we had spicy thai soup for lunch. He’s going to have the funniest appetite when he comes out!

Milestones: Apparently he’s the size of a papaya

Goals for the upcoming week: I did good this week: registered for birthing classes & turned in a form for daycare financial aid through my university. This week I need to get on the daycare waiting list and just survive this week. I have a dentist appointment, a presentation, tutoring, and several other meetings–not to mention the usual work of teaching/grading/classes.

Belly Shot: Here I am–me and my ever-growing belly 🙂