Holidays without kids

25 Apr

I love holiday traditions! One of the best things about living abroad is being able to partake in new traditions and share my own. When we were first married, it was fun for hubs and I to build new holiday traditions–I learned about his culture and it’s many winter holidays and I taught him about Santa Claus.  Easter is one of the most beautiful holidays he has shared with me–but it just isn’t the same with just the two of us here.

Now that we’ve shared our traditions and built some of our own, the last couple of years have been pretty lax.  We have built a new home together but away from family, so we often spend the holidays just the two of us together. On Thanksgiving we cook something turkey related, but it might just be a turkey breast or turkey meatballs. Christmas is spent with my family either here or back home.  Easter includes some hard-boiled eggs and maybe Easter bread.  Take today – we had a video shoot for our business this morning and then we picked up some sushi (California rolls), 5-layer dip & chips, some chocolate cake and an oven-pizza. That’s our Easter feast 🙂  Aside from the random candy I’ve picked up over the past few weeks, there has been very little tradition. Going to our church is a pain – it’s a drive, plus no parking, plus we don’t know anyone and feel strange hanging out with grandpas & grandmas. Maybe once baby is here we’ll re-connect with those traditions, but it may be more of a hassle.

All year I’ve had this strange feeling–even before I was pregnant–that it is time for the new generation.  Traditions are no fun if they’re just for the sake of routine. Traditions are best shared and I can’t wait to share our mixed languages, mixed cultures and our family traditions with our child. And to see all the fun–Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, egg hunts and pumpkin pie. . .through the eyes of a child.

And so this is one of the last holidays without kids.  I don’t feel guilty indulging my cravings for sushi and just chillin’ today. Soon enough we’ll have reason to make a fanfare over each little holiday and for that, I’m excited!


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