Little fishies

22 Apr

They say you should start feeling baby at 18-20 weeks. By 20 weeks I had had a few ‘is that him–or just gas?’ moments, but nothing for sure. But just a few days into week 20 it started: little fishies are definitely swimming!

At first, it was just that: the feeling of a little fish pressing against my belly from the inside. Once it started, it has been a regular occurrence and within just a few days has progressed into kicks. When we had our 20wk ultrasound he showed off his acrobatic skills lifting his toes to his face. Now I’m feeling his acrobatics throughout the day–especially when I first lay down in the evening.

Feeling him makes it more real. Until I glance at my ever-growing belly in the mirror or get a little kick it is hard to believe that I am actually pregnant. It is such a precious thing… Yet ordinary life continues at the same time. Grading. Reading. Cooking. Cleaning. Sometimes I want to just put everything on hold and bask in this life growing inside me!!


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