Baby Names

2 Apr

We’re almost halfway to this baby’s entrance in the world and yet we’ve done little more than emotionally plan. Of course, once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started taking pre-natal vitamins.  I’ve tried to make better food choices and avoid chemicals and other bad products in my life. I’ve been regularly visiting my midwife. I’ve gotten plenty of rest and I drink lots of water.  I’m doing everything I can for this baby to develop healthily and happily.

But as far as material things, we’ve bought virtually nothing (just a turquoise storage bin to store the onsie and bibs my mom sent, the 2 cute outfits I got on clearance at Old Navy and the stash of Target Gift Cards I’m buying whenever we have a windfall–i.e. a payment from hubs’s business).  I’m not worried about “stuff” as we live in a pretty small 2-bedroom apartment, and, well, babies don’t need much. We’ll get to the stuff-buying when we get a little closer.

My days and nights are spent agonizing over this little one’s NAME.  I’ve realized that I’m really opinionated about names–especially boy’s names.  For a girl, I have a list of wonderful names that fit my rules (American, but sound good in Russian, ends in an A, not-over used and not made-up). But for boys, it is hard to find classic names that aren’t boring or over-used.  My family history gives a bunch of weird Norwegian names or boring British names.  Hubs doesn’t want a Russian name–but if it’s American it still has to sound good in Russian (and not like you’d name a dog). As I go through lists, I immediately tie the name to adjectives like “douche” or “tool”–not a good association for your future son.

But after weeks of searching and literally, spending hours on the computer/ipad researching names. . .we’ve got a short list of 2 names that don’t suck. It would be nice to expand the list and then just play with then names. Full name (First-Middle-Last; First-Last; English nicknames, Russian nicknames). . .and see if one sticks.  If not, we’d have a shortlist at birth to see which suits him best.

My brother was born about 6 weeks premature and we had no name for him (I was 7 at the time). I remember thinking and searching and talking in the hospital trying to name “Baby Boy Lastname” –he had to have something before my parents left he hospital.  It would be nice for our baby boy to have a name from birth, if not before.  I just worry that if we do choose–we’ll have a hard time keeping the secret 🙂


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