Spring Break

24 Mar

Finally Winter Quarter is over and it’s looking like spring! We had a gorgeous spring day today which brought everyone’s spirits up! After frantically finishing my papers for my classes, grading 18 writing portfolios from my students and getting everything submitted, I spent yesterday in bed. It was a supremely lazy day–both hubs and I watched movies, slept, snacked, watched more movies, and napped some more.  It was a great break from everything. The best part: when we re-connected to the world today via Facebook, email, voicemail, etc. . .we didn’t miss anything 🙂

Although I had big plans to get outta town for at least one night for spring break, we’re having fun at home. I do have to do a lot of cleaning (we have no dishes left–they’re just piled in the sink. Not to mention the boxes of papers that line our living room–the life of an academic!). Tomorrow, I say 🙂

I’m finally letting the last round of friends and family know about our happy news–I’m probably going to do a big reveal on Facebook soon. Although I’m tempted to keep it a secret until the happy September day when I can post little one’s picture, I hate secrets.  It’ll be so much easier when the big news is out in the world.

That’s it for now–I’m basking in my laziness, resting up, and preparing for Spring Quarter. Monday I’m back at it with an 8:30 am class. Ugh.



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