It’s a . . .

18 Mar

bouncing baby boy!!

Funny story: the ultrasound tech took a bunch of different shots for the study, including some 3-D/4-D shots.  There was one great one of his face where he raised his little hand up to his cheek, opened his mouth, and stuck out his tongue.

Second funny story: the tech revealed the sex of the baby right at the end. She said that she had already noticed, but she wanted to get a good angle to show us for sure. And so she got her shot and said: “here’s his scrotum. . .and there’s his penis–oh, look–he’s covering it with his hand!” He’s ALREADY a typical boy!

He’s healthy . . .and we’re both pretty much in shock. Knowing “what kind” of baby makes it just so much more real. I’m a bit freaked out by having to raise a son, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out. Step 1: figure out a boy name!!


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