Finals Week / Ultrasound

17 Mar

It’s finally here: finals week and my 16 week ultrasound.

Finals week means that I finally have to finish these papers (one down, one draft in. One more big paper to do) and grade student portfolios (0/18 so far).  I’m glad to finally get this work off my plate and get over the guilt that’s been plaguing me all quarter. My energy is mostly back, but I’ve been feeling kind of crappy all week. I haven’t been eating well (i.e. skipping meals without realizing it) and therefore I’ve been getting headaches. I’ve also been sleeping a lot. I sat down to work yesterday and fell asleep for an hour. Not too efficient, but, hey, it’s almost spring break 🙂

The ultrasound means that I get to glimpse again at this little babee and maybe get a guess at the sex of the baby.  I’m excited yet nervous–I had a dream last night that the ultrasound tech wouldn’t show me my baby, which is usually a sign that something is wrong.  Then I had a dream (or maybe the same dream continued) that it was a girl but she was deformed in some way . . .  Although it’s fun to peek at this thing growing in my belly (that I can’t yet feel yet), it’s scary too. Both hubs and I get worried.  In just a half hour I guess we’ll find out.

Following the ultrasound I have my 16-week midwife appointment.  No real questions, except for suggestions to relieve the new pain I’m finding in my tailbone.  I’m not big and fat yet (just solid around the middle) yet I’ve already gotten several cramps in my gut (round ligament pain from my uterus stretching?) and occasional excruciating tailbone pain (like i can’t walk pain). What helps? Warm baths! I love me a good hot bath, but that’s a no-no when pregnant. Now I have to survive just-above-tepid baths.  I take them pretty much daily.

2:45 & off to the hospital! I hope I return with lot’s of good news 🙂


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