Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

15 Mar

Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 25-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Still no idea–but I do go in for my 16 week appointment on Thursday, so I’m sure I’ll find out then πŸ™‚

Symptoms: Energy is generally back, although last week I had a really busy day (4 hours of sleep, up at 6:30, presentation, last day of teaching, client meeting. . .) and I was asleep by 8pm. Β Skin is still yucky, appetite generally good, weight gain minimal, I think.

Cravings/Aversions: Fruit! I love blueberries and strawberries and kiwi. . .

Sleep: I get a lot. It is nice πŸ™‚

I am looking forward to: our 16 week appointment! Another ultrasound (will we find out the sex of the baby?!)! Turning in my last paper of the quarter and grades for my class! I can’t wait for this quarter to end πŸ™‚

Goals for the upcoming week: See above: finishing everything for winter quarter and alleviating some of the guilt that constantly accompanies, well, everything related to school. Next week I wanna get out of town and do something fun!


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