Last week of classes

7 Mar

This week is week 10 – the last week of Winter Quarter. I’m thankful to be almost done. . but I’m overwhelmed with the amount of work left.  Because of the EXHAUSTION of the first trimester, I’ve done little work all quarter.  I’ve managed to teach every day (M-Th) without missing, but my performance in my own classes has been poor. I’m behind on papers and assignments, I’m behind on grading . . .and in the next 2 weeks I MUST produce a lot of work.

I’m actually falling into the groove, though. Today I didn’t have to teach and so all day I’ve been working from my bed.  Books are sprawled around, I’m still in my PJs (I did get up enough to wash my face, brush my teeth and do something with my hair), and I’ve been alternately writing a theoretical framework for one paper (that I should have turned in about a month ago) and grading the last of the student papers they need to have back this week to revise for their final portfolios. It’s nice to be in the working groove (and even nice to sleep in, drink tea, and be in my warm bed and not running around our gigantic campus).  Tomorrow thru Thursday will be long days — lots of coursework, teaching, and wrapping things up in my classes.

But then comes spring break. As soon as I get this work done, I’m free! We’re going to take an overnight trip somewhere to just get outta town. The hubs has been so patient with me all quarter–indulging my cravings, putting up with my laziness.  If he can get thru this last crunch period of work, work, work, we will both be duly rewarded.  The best of all reward? I only have one class next quarter! I’m finishing the last of my grad coursework (like no classes again, ever!) and so next quarter I will teach 1 class, take 1 class, and start to get my reading list together.  Add to that the glory of spring and the next few months just might be merry!

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