Bumpdate: 14 weeks

5 Mar

I’m using these weekly lists as a diary – good to get into the habit of recording my own growth and changes and milestones once baby is here.  I’m going to begin editing the questions down and adding others to personalize it.

Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 26-ish weeks to go!

Weight Gain: no idea. Definitely can’t fit in my pants (love the hair-band through the button-hole) but maternity pants won’t stay up. I’d love to live in leggings & dresses.

Symptoms: I’m liking this transition into the 2nd trimester: I’m finally getting some energy back. I really need to get a haircut–it seems that my hair is growing rapidly and it’s lost its luster. Gotta chop off a few inches to get my curls back.

Cravings/Aversions: still loving sweets! My new favorite is manka, i.e. cream of rice with a little bit of milk and brown sugar–for breakfast, for dessert. Yum!  Some food agrees with me, other things don’t. I’m learning to trust my cravings–when they’re at least moderately healthy.

Sleep: Some mornings I wake up and feel more tired than when I went to bed. I think that relatively soon I’ll start to be very uncomfortable–I’ve noticed my sleep positions changing and I toss and turn a lot more than before.

I am loving: getting my energy back!!

I miss: Nothing stands out this week. ..

I am looking forward to: the end of the quarter. It’s coming quickly and I can’t wait for the guilt of not quite keeping up to go away. New quarter=fresh start.

I’m freaking out about: the end of the quarter! I’m still so behind. I’ve canceled most of my tutoring sessions because both me and my tutorees are busy.  It has been a relief.

Best moment this week: Nothing in particular stands out – on Thursday I woke up early to shower & be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for my classes that day. But then I got a headache and felt a little queasy.  Going back to bed for several hours (thus skipping class yet again) was definitely joyous!

Milestones: My baby is the size of a lemon!

Movement: None yet

It’s a…: baby? We get another peek on March 17, so I’ll ask them to let me know if they see any signs of sex then.  If not, I have to wait ’till the 20-week anatomy scan.

Exercise: I’ve been so crazy busy that I’ve been running all over campus this week – literally. I just got cute new tennis shoes and, well, it’s kind of fun to run in them!

Diet: Manka. Pizza. Mushroom barley soup. Homemade chicken tikka masala. Yogurt. I definitely still don’t eat perfectly (pizza, for example) but I doing my best to make better choices. I’m really proud of drinking so.much.water!

Goals for the upcoming week: Get on top of school work, grading, etc.

Belly Shot: maybe if you’re lucky I’ll take a belly shot this weekend. Show off my fancy rubber-band pants trick!


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