Bumpdate: 9 weeks

30 Jan

Bumpdate: 9 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 31 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Not sure, but I do feel fat! Maybe I should pick up a scale??

Symptoms: Bloat! I feel huge and disgusting, although I’m noticably less huge in the mornings. I eat often–every 2-3 hours (if I go longer I feel yucky). A few bits of nausea (usually if I haven’t eaten), infrequent headaches, and deep persistent exhaustion.

Cravings/Aversions: Quodoba Mexican taco salad. Chocolate cake.  The only intese cravings I’ve had. But I do know exactly what I want for dinner every day and won’t waver on it. And water is ah-mazing!

Sleep: Crazy pregnancy dreams. Every couple nights I have a wacky dream. Once it was giving birth. Once I was breastfeeding a toddler.  Always the baby is a boy. According to Ukrainian tradition, if I dream it, it’s not true. And the chinese gender predictor says I’m due for a little girl 🙂

I am loving: the love! telling people slowly our happy news and seeing their joy. Getting used to the idea and getting details settled out.

I miss: wearing jeans without feeling uncomfortable. The bloat makes anything but leggings uncomfortable and this jeans and a sweater girl just doesn’t have enough skirts and dresses to make it thru life without getting boring. Nor do I have a budget for a new wardrobe. So discomfort it is!

I am looking forward to: My first appointment (in 2 weeks-will hear a heartbeat!) and just growing more.

I’m freaking out about: Nothing at the moment. Trying to be chill.

Best moment this week: Time with friends!

Milestones: My baby is the size of an olive! Every week is a new milestone for a 1st pregnancy.

Movement: Nope.

It’s a…: girl? boy? twins? My mom is torturing me with that idea every time I complain about how huge my belly is from bloat. Ugh.

Exercise: I walk on campus a lot? Need to make time for at least a weekly long walk with the hubs.

Diet: I’ve eliminated the total crap (soda, fast food, etc) but occasionally something sneaks in. Subway sandwich or a frozen pizza. We’re trying to keep up our crazy schedules and account for my exhaustion while still eating moderately well.

Goals for the upcoming week: Remember to take my vitamins every day. This is killer. I don’t actually think I’ve missed one, but every day i have to remember if I’ve done it.

Belly Shot: None this week. Who needs bloat?

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