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Bumpdate: 9 weeks

30 Jan

Bumpdate: 9 Weeks

Due Date: Early September 2011. 31 weeks to go!

Weight Gain: Not sure, but I do feel fat! Maybe I should pick up a scale??

Symptoms: Bloat! I feel huge and disgusting, although I’m noticably less huge in the mornings. I eat often–every 2-3 hours (if I go longer I feel yucky). A few bits of nausea (usually if I haven’t eaten), infrequent headaches, and deep persistent exhaustion.

Cravings/Aversions: Quodoba Mexican taco salad. Chocolate cake.  The only intese cravings I’ve had. But I do know exactly what I want for dinner every day and won’t waver on it. And water is ah-mazing!

Sleep: Crazy pregnancy dreams. Every couple nights I have a wacky dream. Once it was giving birth. Once I was breastfeeding a toddler.  Always the baby is a boy. According to Ukrainian tradition, if I dream it, it’s not true. And the chinese gender predictor says I’m due for a little girl 🙂

I am loving: the love! telling people slowly our happy news and seeing their joy. Getting used to the idea and getting details settled out.

I miss: wearing jeans without feeling uncomfortable. The bloat makes anything but leggings uncomfortable and this jeans and a sweater girl just doesn’t have enough skirts and dresses to make it thru life without getting boring. Nor do I have a budget for a new wardrobe. So discomfort it is!

I am looking forward to: My first appointment (in 2 weeks-will hear a heartbeat!) and just growing more.

I’m freaking out about: Nothing at the moment. Trying to be chill.

Best moment this week: Time with friends!

Milestones: My baby is the size of an olive! Every week is a new milestone for a 1st pregnancy.

Movement: Nope.

It’s a…: girl? boy? twins? My mom is torturing me with that idea every time I complain about how huge my belly is from bloat. Ugh.

Exercise: I walk on campus a lot? Need to make time for at least a weekly long walk with the hubs.

Diet: I’ve eliminated the total crap (soda, fast food, etc) but occasionally something sneaks in. Subway sandwich or a frozen pizza. We’re trying to keep up our crazy schedules and account for my exhaustion while still eating moderately well.

Goals for the upcoming week: Remember to take my vitamins every day. This is killer. I don’t actually think I’ve missed one, but every day i have to remember if I’ve done it.

Belly Shot: None this week. Who needs bloat?


A new adventure!

3 Jan

After feeling funny for a few days, my body was telling me something was up. I knew the truth, but I was afraid to find out for sure. Finally, tonight I got up the nerve to do it–I bought a home pregnancy test. Heart beating, I peed on that stick… and sure enough, just a minute later, that plus sign was there–bright blue.

I am pregnant.

And so our little family begins its next adventure. We are terrified, thrilled, surprised, and content. The timing is actually really good for us, and we never would have gotten the nerve to actually plan this so the “surprise” part is for the best.

So sometime in early September, by my estimates, we’ll be meeting a new little friend 🙂